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U.S. Presidential Primaries 2024!


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Haley’s positions on paper are almost indistinguishable from Trump. Her actual domestic positions* likely would not qualify as even centrist or moderate. Her “moderate” label is derived solely from her acceptance of the 2020 election results and not actively swearing vengeance on anyone who is not loyal to her.

*Edit: her foreign policy has tangible differences, especially with regard to Ukraine and NATO.

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In case any one is interested I started a new thread on the U.S. 2024 elections for President, Senate and U.S. House of representatives.


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On 1/23/2024 at 6:35 PM, Josh said:

There is an internal battle amongst the DNC and NH Dems as to where the first of primary should be, and NH fucked around and found out. There is a Dem Iowa caucus, but it isn’t until Super Tuesday. None of that has anything to do with Biden backing out, since it is too late for anyone to get on the ballots in most states. So your post above is coming from a place of ignorance in the selection process and watching too many conspiracy fueled right wing media outlets. Biden is the candidate unless he drops out for health reasons or drops dead, and if that happens the Dem convention almost certainly picks Kamala.

The above was in response to this…



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Normandy AND faced down communism. What happened in 1947? The west started to face down Communism. I know you like the Bolshie stuff, but do keep up with the timeline. 


She's slavic, she probably has a better sense of how bad communism is than you do. You have the lite version without the larger secret police. 

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