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2023 Obituary


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British-Kenyan singer Roger Whittaker, at 87. He had a big following in Germany since his style fit well into the popular Schlager category, to the point he also sang in German though he didn't understand it. My parents had a record of a local concert, but with English texts; I still know some of them by heart 40 years later.


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1 hour ago, DKTanker said:

RIP Ducky; Illya Kuryakin, Maximilian Nexor; "Dispersal", David McCallum.  I really was starting to believe him immortal.

Ah, that was the man with the recognizable face I met at the Royal Opera House. But I thought I had seen him in The Great Escape or in Colditz.

Rest in Peace.

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47 minutes ago, TrustMe said:

David McCallum was in the Great Escape, one of the best WW2 movies ever made. He was also in Man From Uncle as well.

I saw him in 2010, but I thought he looked too young to have starred in The Great Escape.

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24 minutes ago, 17thfabn said:

I'd bet that it was alcohol or other drug related. 

I saw a media report years ago that he went to rehab for a prescription painkiller addiction.

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