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2023 Obituary


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Another one who excelled at, but was not limited to, playing villains/antagonists, or at least cynical self-serving senior officials - the crime lords in "Rush Hour" and "Batman Begins", generals Cornwallis in "The Patriot" and Fromm in "Valkyrie", etc. The other character you really wanted him for was the tough lawyer, either prosecution or defense. Also made for impressive hard-charging cops, determined priests, and much more.

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Cale Yarborough



Dec 31 (Reuters) - Cale Yarborough, who won three consecutive NASCAR Cup championships in a Hall of Fame racing career that included four Daytona 500 wins, died at age 84, NASCAR said on Sunday.


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I missed this one, but apparently Joe Baugher passed away last November.



I've spent quite a bit of time over the years perusing his articles on military aircraft.


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I think that every YouTuber providing history videos for military aircraft starts with Baugher's work as a reference.

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