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Canadian P-8's?


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Not at the moment*.  Their proposal is to turn the Global 6500, a much smaller aircraft than the B737, into an MR platform.  In other words, commit Canada to developing it's own MR aircraft at considerable time and cost, and much profit to Bombardier, than a proven off the shelf buy.

It would probably end up being cheaper, quicker, and moe effective to buuy a dozen P-8 for maritime reconnaisance and a dozen unnecessary Global 3500 VIP transports just to keep Bombardier quiet.  Or better yet. ignore Bombardier altoogether.


*Saab produces an MR aircraft on the Global 6000 platform, but not Bombardier per se.

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3 hours ago, Allan W said:

Wouldn't something based on the Bombardier C-Series/Airbus A220 make more sense?  The Global 6500 platform is awfully small for a long range patrol aircraft.

The A220 isn't built in Canada, so Bombardier doesn't get as much moiney or jobs and there aren't votes being boughtin Quebec or /kickbacks to politicians.  Not to mention that there is no A220 MR aircraft.

A full competiton would require all parties involved to take Cnadian partners, result in more or less new aircraft, even if based on existing air frames, cost billions of dollars more and take a decade or more before a decison is made.

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There are certain advantages of the Global platform over a 737. Basic range is one, altitude and cruise speed are others.

The main issue is payload, which would limit the equipment fit, but the Sentinel (Global 5000 derivative) was stripped clean of any shiny bits save for the toilet and managed to fit a decent capability ISTAR system without too much loss of performance, and the 6500 is incrementally more capable.

It would only be a reconnaissance platform, though, unless you could finagle a couple of lightweight torpedoes into a canoe in which case you might as well just call it Nimrod's younger cousin, spend a bunch of money on it then eventually buy P8.

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10 hours ago, DougRichards said:

Would Canada have any use for related 737 derived aircraft like the E-7A Wedgetail? 

Use? Sure.  Need? Not really.  Surveillance of airspace and detection of potential Russian attacks Is done well enough by ground based systems.

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