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CrCoNi alloy shows amazing strength and ductility

TTK Ciar

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On 12/11/2022 at 2:11 AM, TTK Ciar said:

The article by itself doesn't show any advantages of high entropy alloys in terms of protection... But... as I'm working on them (Cantor alloys) a bit in these matters their main advantages are very high ductility (in comparison to armour-grade steel) and high fracture toughness. Also small changes in chemical composition of these alloys can lead to very different mechanical characteristics. And thus can create the material which has f.e. Rm = 1000 MPa and 60% of elongation.

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In semi related news, a recent paper from China outlines a semi-novel method for producing ultra tough and affordable steel:


Mechanically strong and ductile load–carrying materials are needed in all sectors, from transportation
to lightweight design to safe infrastructure. Yet, a grand challenge is to unify both features in
one material. We show that a plain medium-manganese steel can be processed to have a tensile
strength >2.2 gigapascals at a uniform elongation >20%. This requires a combination of multiple
transversal forging, cryogenic treatment, and tempering steps. A hierarchical microstructure that
consists of laminated and twofold topologically aligned martensite with finely dispersed retained
austenite simultaneously activates multiple micromechanisms to strengthen and ductilize the material.
The dislocation slip in the well-organized martensite and the gradual deformation-stimulated phase
transformation synergistically produce the high ductility. Our nanostructure design strategy produces
2 gigapascal–strength and yet ductile steels that have attractive composition and the potential to
be produced at large industrial scales.



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