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We who are about to die

Stuart Galbraith

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So basically you are a Gladiator. You crack heads and kill people. You train, gain prize money, you buy kit. You get random charity from admirers, you level up, you kill more and more dangerous and better armoured Gladiators. And at some point you either succeed and win enough money to buy your freedom, or you die. And believe me, you die a lot in this game. A lot.

Its fun. Lots of fun, I dont think I had as much fun in a combat game since War of the Roses went away. One man dev, took him years to program, and my word, you can tell its a work of love. Great visuals, great details, fantastic music. Love the fact when the crowd hates you, they rotten tomato you, when they love you they throw you decent weapons. Falcions, throwing axes, Pliums, pots and pans, even amphora to clock your enemy around the head. Oh, and you can rename your Character Biggus Dickus. Whats not to like?

Its 20 quid, its historically accurate, its fun, you cant go wrong, just bloody get it already.



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