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Israeli navy

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I'll start with today's news:


Israeli navy to buy 2 LSVs from the US, 83 meters each. They will enter service after going through a retrofitting process for domestic systems, and will join the navy's much smaller Manta amphibious craft.

In the meantime, the Israeli navy is renting equivalent ships from European navies to make them accessible for the IDF's all-domain month-long "Chariots of Fire" exercise.

According to the report, the LSVs will serve the IDF for operations deep in Lebanon whose cities are spread along a coastline.

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1 hour ago, Mighty_Zuk said:

It had for most of its history, but now it doesn't. It's less about forcible entry and more about concealed deployment and continuous resupply.

Interesting.  I thought the Israelis simply detailed soldiers for the jobs.

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The IDF never had marines in the Western sense of full time, highly trained troops, intended primarily for maritime deployment and assault. who are at sea for much of their service. In the Israeli context there were small units of special forces capable of maritime deployment responsible for raiding and scouting. Post 1973 the IDF rebuilt and upgraded the Givati infantry brigade. One of the tasks of the Givati was sea-borne assault, it was not  employed in that role full-time. 

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