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UK agrees mutual security deals with Finland and Sweden

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Finland to send more defence materiel to Ukraine

Finland will send more defence materiel to Ukraine. The President of the Republic decided on the matter, on the proposal of the Government, on 22 March 2024.


This will be the 23rd package of defence materiel to Ukraine. Replacement of the capabilities contained in this package will cost Finland an estimated EUR 188 million. According to Minister Häkkänen, the total value of the defence materiel delivered to Ukraine is now approximately EUR 2 billion.

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"Some news from Sweden. Certain disgreement within the armed forces continue over what caliber to use for the AK-24AK-25. While the Homeguard went public with them having decided on all 5.56, the Army got involved and opined that the Homeguard does not have the authority to make that decision on their own. So that’s interesting.


An interim buy of different rifles as a stop-gap measure because the AK-5 rifles are falling to bits appears to be done, but not officially confirmed. The M4 is said to have been selected for this. 200 AK-24s have been delivered, aiming for 7,500 before year’s end. All conscripts going through initial training should get it next year, which field units will get it in which order will probably be decided shortly. The batallion being sent to the Baltics next year should be issued with it. The Homeguard on Gotland is reportedly among the early recipients. As the AK-25 starts deliveries later, in 7.62 or 5.56 and with a longer barrel, these will begin to get mixed into units already issued AK-24s so that will mean a two step rearmament.


Various potential complications in all of this."

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Lots of training with NATO partners also next year:


The plan for 2025 includes 115 events in Finland and abroad, with the cost of participation at about EUR 10.75 million.

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