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Norway threatens cancellation of NH90 helicopter contract over upgrade delays

Laser Shark

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Late update, but better late than never.

Norway approves $1.1 billion MH-60R Seahawk deal for partial NH-90 fleet replacement

The new helicopters, to be based at Bardufoss Air Station in northern Norway, are to be used by the Norwegian Coast Guard for antisubmarine warfare (ASW) operations, but Oslo still has to decide on a separate acquisition to replace NH90 ASW capable platforms.


Couple of thoughts. It seems we really have to pay out of our arse if we want to quickly plug the gap caused by the NH90 termination, but that's just how it goes when you're in desperate need of something and it's a seller's market. If only we had done this ten years ago, or better yet, chosen the Seahawk from the get go as was recommended by the Navy...

Still no ASW helicopters for the Navy though. It seems they're delaying a decision on that end until they've settled on a future force structure for the navy. They've mentioned drones as a possible alternative, but personally I think it mostly comes down not wanting to spend that much money right now and/or if it's true that they really are considering ditching the MLU of the Nansen-class in favor of buying six new frigates, then it makes sense to consider other ASW platforms like the AW101 (if they buy new frigates from the UK).

Oh, and NHI have also come out and promised that they'll fix all of our fleet's issues "at no cost", but after twenty years of broken promises, we'd be foolish to trust them on that, and it's clear now that we won't.

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