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FBI cosplay


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Apparently, we had a new Right Wing Fascist group pop up. They marched in DC this past weekend it seems. 

They had uniform pants, leg protectors, flags, hats, emblems, shields, etc. They were all uniform in physique, a right wing militia group that's all 20-30 something fit males, right. They pulled up in U-Haul cargo vans and got out in those. Did their march and then got back in them with DC police escorting them them the whole time. DC police even allowed them to load people into the cargo vans.

Anyone think that the materials purchases were via GSA cards or even GSA related bids? 


Here's a deep dive into the little details so far. 


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They're busy looking into meaningless shit from 70 yrs ago where everyone involved is dead.

DOJ closes investigation into Emmett Till killing from 1955 after failing to prove key witness lied (wyff4.com)

What was the last crime the FBI solved that it didn't instigate?  S/F....Ken M 


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