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New carbon-based amorphous material "harder than diamond"

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Some clever gents gently broke buckyballs "to form a disordered nano-clustered graphene-based hard phase with more than 90% elastic recovery after deformation", a novel amorphous material with extraordinarily high hardness and compressive strength:


From what I can tell this creates layers of graphene-like platelets with enmeshed edges.  Now that we know what it looks like, maybe it can be synthesized from graphene rather than buckyballs, for slightly more economical mass production.

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Depending on the temperature, glassy carbon can be produced so that it's internal structure is largely distorted graphene (low temperature glassy carbon) or a mixture of distorted graphene and distorted fullerene (high temperature glassy carbon). This new material has superior performance and even higher proportion of fullerene than high temperate glassy carbon.

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