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Shape Charge Filleted Liners

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30x113 HEDP, 40x53 M430A1, and 40x53 NM264 have filleted shaped charge liners to help compensate for the rotation of the round, allowing for spin stabilization while still yielding acceptable penetration with these smaller caliber rounds. Curiously, some 40mm like M433 HEDP do not, and have a plain liner, and this approach seems absent on any larger caliber rounds that I'm aware of, which opt for sliprings + fin stabilization, or other approaches like OBUS-G type shells, if used in rifled cannon. 

I'm curious as to why this approach is used in some applications, but not others, and if the technology scales to these larger calibers (if not, what are the tradeoffs, limitations and boundaries to which it could be applied).

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Finned HEAT rotate also, but at pretty low RPM (rotation is leftover rotation from the firing, due the friction with slip ring, and fins are also canted slightly, in order to introduce light rotation, since it is good for accuracy (small imperfections of fins are not critical). Slow rotation is actually good for penetration as it compensates liner's "grain structure" made by rolling it in one direction. Finned HEAT use slip rigns that free themselves on firing, OBUS-G used overcomplicated ball bearing carrier for the inner shell inside outer shell.

Problem with fins is that they take space that is not available in those small rounds. For them corrugated/filleted liner is an OK compromise, since they are not required to penetrate that much compared to their caliber (about 1.5 calibers), since corrugated/filleted liners can not fully compensate for rotation and penetration is limited to a probably 2-2.5 calibers max.

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