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List of Cancel Culture victims.


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13 hours ago, R011 said:

The racial stereotype of the Black domestic servant addressed by a patronizing title.  As I noted, it's a stereotype that's been obsolete so long it needs to be explained to modern people.

Which means it's immediately more offensive than it was to the folks who actually worked as domestic servants. 

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9 hours ago, Josh said:

I feel like before there was "cancel culture" there was "voting with your wallet".

Trump tried to cancel two dozen different companies, but because it was Trump, it wasn't "cancel culture". But I kinda feel it was functionally equivalent.

Honest question, when is it cancel culture and when is it voting with your wallet?

Noone is voting with their wallet when they make it their mission to get you fired from your job.

Last summer when the rioting broke out in my city (among others) I happened to voice some criticism for the rioters after a week of rioting across our down town. I was in fact targeted by folks I know in the Dragon Con staffing groups, folks I've worked with for years who argued that since I wasn't a black person I could not judge what and why the rioters were rioting. I had to have the lived experiences of those people. I should be silent and I should be fired from what ever job I had. I dropped from that department after it got to the point of them making that desire known. I've actually broken bread with many of those folks and worked with them for years. But, their online mob decided to go after me for voicing what is now heterodox views. 

THAT is cancel culture. 

Never mind that my company was being attacked in the rioting and that my co-workers who work in the security department were having bottles and rocks thrown at them. It was more than half a year before the various glass windows at ground level were replaced and the restaurants and bars around the area were constant targets for looting for weeks to come aftewards. 

Luckily the Dragon Con Management squashed that action by those woke skolds like a bug because they have spines. 

Do you need a better example than my own first hand direct experience? 

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Funny thing is. McCarthy was apparently right in his astuteness of Socialists/Communists who were creeping into the US body politic. Now they're all but self professed and out in the open. 


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1 hour ago, Josh said:

So is it cancel culture when Trump says to not buy from a company then? 

No, that's voting with your wallet.   Cancel culture would be more if Trump successfully removed said company from a state because he disagreed with them over some social or political issue.

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Yeah well, cancel culture probably hits actual racists etc. too sometimes, but that doesn't make the whole system more palatable. From one of the links in my search above:


Opinion: McCarthyism is back. This time, it’s woke.

Opinion by Henry Olsen


July 15, 2020 at 6:15 p.m. EDT

The intellectually intolerant mob claimed two high-profile victims Tuesday with the resignations of New York Times editor Bari Weiss and New York Magazine journalist Andrew Sullivan. These are just two examples of the deadly virus spreading through our public life: McCarthyism of the woke.

McCarthyism is the pejorative term liberals gave to the anti-communist crusades of 1950s-era Sen. Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin. From his perch as chair of the Government Operations Committee, McCarthy launched a wave of investigations to ferret out supposed communist subversion of government agencies. Armed with his favorite question — “Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party?” — McCarthy terrorized his targets and silenced his critics. Thousands of people lost their jobs as a result, often based on nothing more than innuendo or chance associations.

The mob fervor extended to the state governments and the private sector, too. States enacted “loyalty oaths” requiring people employed by the government, including tenured university faculty members, to disavow “radical beliefs” or lose their jobs. Many refused and were fired. Hollywood notoriously rooted out real and suspected communists, creating the infamous “blacklist” of people who were informally barred from any work with Hollywood studios. The “red scare” even nearly toppled America’s favorite television star, Lucille Ball, who had registered to vote as a communist in the 1930s.

Today’s “cancel culture” is nothing more than McCarthyism in a woke costume. It stems from a noble goal — ending racial discrimination. Like its discredited cousin, however, it has transmogrified into something sinister and inimical to freedom. Battling racism is good and necessary; trying to suppress voices that one disagrees with is not. Woke McCarthyism goes wrong when it seeks to do the one thing that America has always sworn not to do: enforce uniformity of thought. Indeed, this principle, enshrined in the First Amendment, is so central to American national identity that it is one of the five quotes inscribed in the Jefferson Memorial: “I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”


McCarthy was enabled by a frightened and compliant center-right. They knew he was wrong, but they also knew the anti-communist cause was right and were unsure how to embrace the just cause and excise the zealous overreach. It wasn’t until McCarthy attacked the U.S. Army that one man, attorney Joseph Welch, had the courage to speak up. “Have you no decency, sir?” he said as McCarthy tried to slander a colleague. The bubble burst, and people found the inquisitorial emperor had no clothes. The Senate censured him in 1954, and McCarthy died in 1957, a broken man.

It won’t be as easy to defeat the woke movement. There isn’t one person whose humiliation will break the spell. This movement is deep, decentralized and widespread. But it can be beaten if someone’s courage can awaken the center-left as Welch’s did for the 1950s center-right.

Can Joe Biden be that person? If elected, he might have to as the frenzy shows no signs of abating on its own. But if a man who says he’s running to save the soul of America cannot defend America’s heart and soul, millions will have the right to ask him Welch’s immortal question: Have you no decency, sir?


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Cancel culture is just another tool for folks who would have, in a different time been racist, or sexist or religious moralists, in the form of people who use power to bully other folks because they get off on it. Now they use the charge of NOT being racist or sexist or religious (to a god) to bully people so they can get off on it. 

The folks going round branding people with apostasy are the same sorts of folks who go around and brand them as being racists because of their skin color or lack of fealty to their dogma in this day and age. 

Jordan Peterson and Bret Weinstein have a very long conversation about this...the Pt2 is up on the Dark Horse podcast. There will be a Pt1 on Peterson's page that is forth coming.


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Latest "victim" of cancel culture, Governor Andrew Cuomo according to..... himself.


I try to be even handed in my thinking.  I am against bad cops, bad government officials. Against sexual harassers. However people accused are entitled to a fair hearing. Including Governor Cuomo.

Governor Cuomo said the following about the confirmation of U.S. Supreme  Court Justice Kavanaugh :

"In New York, we will not waver and will not back down. To Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and all survivors of sexual assault, we believe you and we will fight for you. The sham FBI investigation and the bigger sham, this confirmation process, have energized us to fight even harder for our shared vision for a better future for all.


To my thinking watching Dr. Blasey Ford testify she was not credible. She may have suffered but it was obvious to me it was not from Judge Kavanaugh. No one backed up her story. She had no relevant details. The second accuser was even weaker.

I wonder how Governor Cuomo will enjoy being put through what Justice Kavanaugh went through? 

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9 hours ago, Josh said:

Would McCarthyism be the original cancel culture then?

Not even close. Your heroic Democratic Party first held HUAC hearings (House Un-American Activities Committee) 10 years before McCarthy was elected senator.  That was followed a few years later by the Democratic Party cancelling the civil rights of American citizens and, imprisoning them, for the horrifying sin of looking different.  Again, years before McCarthy was elected senator.

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5 minutes ago, DKTanker said:

Leftists, always forgetting that McCarthy was late to that party.

I'm always amused as how that whole era has been condensed into the figure of McCarthy in people's memory.  People forget the HUAC.  And you may ask... How many republicans were at the head of the HUAC during its entire existence?  Not a single one.  It was all democrats.

This is where McCarthy comes in so handy.

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18 hours ago, Josh said:

Ah, there we go. Only liberals do it, where as when conservatives do it its an "enemy of the state". And you're worried about leftists putting conservatives into camps?

History shows us that the left loves to do it.

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Probably a good example: PoC-on-PoC, Left-on-Left, but from what I've seen of the good professor, pet positions of race-vs.-class-struggle.


SOAS chief Adam Habib criticised for using n-word in video call with students

SOAS director apologises after using slur in a webinar but says ‘context matters’

Nadine White 13 hours ago

The director of the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) at University of London has accused critics of “politicising the issue” after coming under fire for using the n-word in a video call with students.

Adam Habib, who is of Indian descent, uttered the slur during a webinar discussion with students in response to concerns about lecturers historically saying the word without facing repercussions.

During a short clip circulated on twitter, the 56-year-old said: “The issue around that is ... firstly, even N****r , somebody making that allegation ... I don’t know the case. This is the first I’ve heard of it.”

When a student took offence, Mr Habib is heard to reply: “You do? Well, I don’t actually. I come from a part of the world where we actually do use the word (...). The context matters.”

A student commented: “You’re not a black man, you cannot use that word. You have not faced the trauma and oppression of black bodies what we go through 24/7 for the last 500 years.

“You do not embody our history so therefore you cannot use the word.”

The student continued: “Many writers, even our own alumni, have written as to why – peers, non-black peers – should not use the n-word because when it comes from that perspective then it means a whole different story than when it comes from our own perspective which is the autonomy, agency and reclamation of our own history.”

Mr Habib then apologised “if he caused offence”.

However, Mr Habib has since justified his use of the slur in a 17-part thread posted on Twitter on Friday, accusing critics of attempting to “politicise the issue”.

“The question is why is it that after this apology, some are still politicising the issue?” he wrote.

“So why don’t I think it was problematic to use the word when I did. Well, because context matters and I was arguing for taking punitive action. You cannot impute maligned intention without understanding context. Do I believe that only blacks can verbalize the word. No, I don’t.”

Mr Habib told The Independent: “A student did indeed pose a question that SOAS was not responsive to anti-black racism and suggested that a staff member who used the word is still on the payroll.

“I did indeed use the word and said the following: ‘If someone used the word against another staff member, then it would violate our policy and the case should be brought to my attention’. I also said that this is the first that I had heard of the incident.

“Another student objected, making the argument that only those who were ‘black‘ (or what I in South Africa would describe as ‘black African’) could actually verbalise the word. I was taken aback by this because the case was being argued devoid of any understanding or explanation of immediate context. 

“I did say that I am surprised by the reaction because I could have easily made the same statement in the same context back home without provoking this reaction.

“I then did apologise saying that no offence was intended, and I again said that if the word was used by a member of staff against another human being, then it would be a disciplinary offence as it would violate our policies.”

He added: “I did not say we use the word in South Africa. This is a deliberate distortion.”

The Independent has queried what Mr Habib meant in the recording when he said the slur is used in the “part of the world’ he comes from.

The director was born in South Africa and was appointed as SOAS director in January 2021.



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  • 3 weeks later...

Next victim of Cancel culture, the City of Atlanta and State of Georgia. 


Major League Baseball announced Friday that it is moving the 2021 All-Star Game out of Atlanta in response to a new Georgia law that has civil rights groups concerned about its potential to restrict voting access for people of color.

Major league baseball has chosen to punish the City of Atlanta, which has a majority black population for the actions of the State of Georgia. 

From my reading the Georgia election laws seems reasonable. But the loudest voices have cried boycott! So major league baseball has backed down. 

I wonder if major league baseball can be sued for breach of contract?

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3 hours ago, 17thfabn said:

I wonder if major league baseball can be sued for breach of contract?

Braves could try?  But that would be like suing themselves.  Cobb County, co-owner of the stadium could, but Cobb County just installed a number of Leftists in their local government.  So....

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