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8 hours ago, rmgill said:

It helps to have the media covering for you.

Just covering? Wasn't it something like 99% against Orange Man Bad and 99% for Sleepy Joe?

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8 hours ago, rmgill said:

Explain. What is Biden fixing? How is he fixing it? Instead of stupid platitudes we expect out of 6 years olds, explain what policy is being implemented to fix a specific problem and how it does so. 


President Biden & Vice President Harris the border czar are doing a great job on illegal immigration.


And once the rainbow powered green energy comes on line it will be "The Age of Aquarius" . There will be a wind / solar powered unicorn in every garage!


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2 hours ago, Ssnake said:

I like bashing lefty fruit loops and interventionists like the next guy, but I just don't see that the current US administratrion actually did anything to spark the new exchange of hostilities. I think you give the importance of the US in the Middle East too much credit. Hamas does what it wants, when Iran supports them.

I think the Palestinians seriously misread the situation but with a lot diplomatic maneuvering, including hundreds of millions of dollars of released funds to the Palestinians and Iran I think its reasonable to suggest that the thaw in relations with the US after four years of the back of the hand from Trump gave them some hope they could get back to the old days of rocket strikes and targeting with plenty of misery for the average Palestinians but lots of increased grift for the leadership.  With what little we know right now it seems plausible that once the leadership opened the valve the hate and resentment got the better of them and they attacked in a way more significant way than they might have wished.  I suspect that they are going to get curb stomped by the Israelis with little concrete opposition from their Arab brothers who are frankly sick of their sh*t at this point.

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