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I want to see Biden officials in prison for this. It's a clear violation of basic US Civil Rights.

Title 42 U.S. Code § 1983 - Civil action for deprivation of rights and later sections cover this. Some of those are felonies. 


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I think it is fascinating to watch Biden's supporters explain that he is the right man for the job.  The disconnects are astonishing to me.  It's as if a person looks toward the sun and talks about the lack of light and warmth that the Sun provides or as if they put their hand in a fire and then talk of it being cold.  I didn't fully understand how a nation like Germany could end up on the path that it did.  Germany was civilized, a beacon of industry and clear thought and yet as a nation it went mad.  Now I am watching it happen in real time.

I see these campus protests and yet the Jewish vote will remain "D" no matter what.  They won't even decline to vote at all.  I recently caught a snippet of a man who escaped the Germans on the Queen Mary right before the war broke out and all I could think was that now I understand how it could happen.

Uncle Joe has always been an execrable human being but his current administration's support of the Hamas wing on US college campuses astounds me.  I wouldn't be at all surprised if he starts importing Palestinian "freedom fighters" into the US.

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46 minutes ago, Murph said:




I actually agree that Biden is going through a mental decline. But serious question…do you think Trump is not? At least compared to 2016?

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2 hours ago, Josh said:

I actually agree that Biden is going through a mental decline. But serious question…do you think Trump is not? At least compared to 2016?

After about the age of 25 everyone is going through a mental decline relative to what they were at a younger age.

BTW, do you think after Biden loses in November he will use executive fiat to declare a national day of celebration for the night of 9-10 November?  Also known as Kristallnacht.

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I can't wait til someone hi-jacks Joe's prompter one day. He'll read what ever is in front of him. 


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Be cafeful what you wish for. The fun starts at about 1:03 in;


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In her new book, "Say More," the former White House press secretary claims that Biden looked at his watch only after the ceremony had ended, contradicting fact-checks (even Snopes) and on-the-record statements from Gold Star families who were there.

Psaki says Biden critics were engaged in "misinformation" and used the image to make "him appear insensitive, concerned only about how much time had passed."

The Associated Press photographer on the tarmac snapped two photos of Biden looking at his watch twice and 10 minutes apart, as fact-checkers at USA Today and Snopes noted soon afterward. -Axios

Psaki also 'mistakenly cited' a passage from the Washington Post to reinforce her lie - when what she quoted was actually from USA Today's fact check article, not the post. The fact check noted that Biden looked at his watch at the end of the ceremony, but also concluded that "photos and video show [Biden] also checked his watch during the ceremony."



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So now the latest snafu with the Biden administration is meddling with internal governance of Guatemala;


TLDR; investigate possible large-scale child trafficking, Biden administration then pressures government to oust the prosecutors.

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Contents of video of interview:


Robby Starbuck
There’s a scandal going on in Guatemala that everyone needs to know about. The Attorney General in Guatemala is investigating child trafficking at the US border and it appears that the Biden Admin is retaliating.

The interview you’re about to hear is apparently so dangerous that the Secretary General of Guatemala says he was warned by someone claiming to carry a message from the US Embassy that he was “playing with fire” if he took part in the interview.

Last week they raided an NGO named Save The Children. Jill Biden used to be the Chair of STC’s board. Investigations into NGO’s like this are a part of Guatemala’s overall investigation as they search out who’s doing the trafficking and where the money’s coming from. Now let’s talk about $$$…

Before doing this interview I reached out to 
 for a report on $ the US gives Guatemala. He found over 80 payments to individuals in Guatemala where the names are redacted. Many range from $20,000 to $40,000 per transfer. That’s a LOT of money in Guatemala. Who are they paying and why?

Overall the Biden admin has spent over $500M in Guatemala. Why? US taxpayers are paying $125,000 for indigenous “healers” (shamans) in Guatemala and nearly $500,000 to support gender ideology there. Why?

One things clear about the Biden Administration: You can’t trust them with money. That’s why 
 is sponsoring this interview. Since Biden took office, many Americans are worse off. This is not the beacon of prosperity we grew up in. Click here to learn about an IRS loophole thousands of Americans have used to safeguard their money: http://Robby4Gold.com

Guatemala’s Secretary General also admitted the US is harboring illegal alien pedophiles and murders. These are people Guatemala WANTS to put in prison but Biden’s Admin is protecting them instead of cooperating. As you’ll find out, it’s clear the AG and SG are being targeted. Guatemala’s President recently met with Sec of State Tony Blinken and Joe Biden.

After this interview he announced a plot to remove the AG.

If it feels like you’ve seen this movie before… It’s because you have: In Ukraine when Joe Biden forced the firing of a prosecutor who investigated his family.

If you're short on time, below you'll find timecodes you can click to jump directly to the parts you want to watch. Accounts and news outlets are free to upload clips of this interview with credit to 

Major thanks to 
 for agreeing to this interview and for being so transparent.

0:00 The Scandal in Guatemala Introduction

4:20 Interview Begins - Explaining the AG’s letter about child trafficking at the US border that the US government may be involved in.

7:12 Clarifying that this investigation involves sexual crimes against children.

8:24 Is there any explanation for the fact that 70% of all unaccompanied minors at the border come from either Guatemala or Honduras that isn’t rooted in child trafficking?

9:14 Clarifying that the claim the Guatemalan AG has includes claims that US officials and Guatemalan officials are allowing this trafficking.

9:40 Did they know Jill Biden used to be the chair of the NGO they raided recently?

12:15 Information on Biden Admin cutting off communication over certain AG office employees being fired by the current AG of Guatemala.

13:27 Does the US affect prosecution rates in Central America with pressure?

14:59 Addressing the media silence in this case

16:00 Bombshell: Secretary General says person sent by US Embassy came to warn him that he was “playing with fire” by doing this interview with me.

18:36 Has the Biden Admin reached out about the allegations of trafficking to figure out how to fix this?

19:43 Did the US Embassy want the Secretary General to cancel this interview?

20:27 Exposing mysterious individual payments made by the US to individuals in Guatemala with redacted names. What does Guatemala know about these payments?

23:38 What influence are people like George Soros having with their money in Central America?

25:25 Is the US funding NGO’s that work with Cartels?

25:50 Why is the US paying $125,000 for Shamans/indigenious healers in Guatemala?

28:00 Exposing nearly $500,000 the US sent to benefit far left gender ideology spreading to Guatemala.

31:24 How communication was cut off when the AG said parents need to consent before kids are taught about sexual/gender ideology topics and is the export of gender ideology from the US damaging social fabrics in Guatemala?

33:15 Is the Guatemalan government being reeducated into this far left ideology?

33:57 Discussing Flyers encouraging illegal aliens to vote at NGO camps.

34:39 Are dangerous criminals able to come in to the US illegally because the Biden Administration is allowing it?

35:22 Guatemala’s experience with Kamala Harris and Samantha Power… Wow…

37:15 Discussing the horrific rape problems at the border and how complicit the Biden Administration is.

39:37 Exposing Rape Trees at the Southern Border

42:00 Is the Biden Admin trying to make Guatemala a satellite state using grant money?

44:06 Are NGO’s teaching illegal aliens to lie for asylum claims?

44:47 Bombshell: Guatemalan Secretary General admits they have criminals on the run in the US who are being harbored by the US including pedophiles and murderers.

This blog post of Peter Grant makes more sense now



How long until he's assassinated?

I note that the President-elect of Panama has vowed to stop the influx of migrants across his country towards the USA.



President-elect Jose Raul Mulino vowed to shut down a crucial migration gap through Panama that has been used by more than 500,000 migrants over the last year, signaling a shift in the country’s policy as the US continues to battle a crisis at its southern border, according to a report from Voice of America.

“Panama and our Darien [Gap] are not a transit route. It is our border,” Mulino said, according to the report.

Panama had previously helped bus migrants through the critical gap and allowed them to continue their journey north, a policy that has allowed thousands to reach the US border with Mexico.


There's more at the link.

That sounds like good news for us, but it's unlikely to succeed.  For a start, international organizations ranging from the United Nations to NGO's are all trying to facilitate migration from South America through Panama to Mexico, and ultimately to the USA.  To make matters worse, drug cartels in Mexico and countries south are making billions of dollars by transporting such migrants to our borders.  Finally, the Biden administration and the Democratic Party are openly admitting as many migrants as they can, in an attempt to change the future makeup of the US electorate to favor their policies.

With all those interests arrayed against him, how can President-elect Mulino hope to succeed?  I'm willing to bet large sums of money that he'll be "persuaded" through bribery and/or threats (the infamous "plata o plomo" question) to change his tune.  If he doesn't, I'm equally willing to bet that he'll be assassinated or otherwise removed from office (a fraudulent, rigged investigation for corruption, perhaps?) as quickly as possible.  He threatens too many powerful, rich constituencies with his proposal, and they won't stand for it.

I certainly hope he succeeds with his proposed policies . . . but I don't think he stands a snowball's chance in hell.  The forces arrayed against him, politically, criminally and monetarily, are simply too powerful.  I'd love to be wrong about that, but I doubt it.



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