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Spending Research Points

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Described as the "yolo Emilio". If you like ambushing BBs at ranges where their guns won't track, this might be for you.  Problem seems to be (and I don't play DDs much, I don't have the youthful reflexes any more!) that people yolo in it, they stick the knife into something and then die horribly because they can't extract themselves.

Colbert seems to be like Smolensk, except it doesn't have that magic "no armour is best armour" thing that seems to keep a broadside Smolensk from getting wiped off the map by a BB broadside.

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Finally collected enough coal to buy the Neustrashimy.  I know it's had mixed reviews, but based on my first game at least I like it.  It's fast, stealthy and can hold its own when faced with an air attack.

Now I just need to collect enough steel for a Somers...

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