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Video: Pearl Harbor Salvage

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34 minutes ago, nitflegal said:

I don't think that there is a better history channel on Youtube than his.  I have no idea how he maintains this output and quality. . .

There are several good ones, but Drach is my default.

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7 hours ago, MiloMorai said:

How was the oil on the surface cleaned and what was done with this oil?

Good question!  Even in those environmentally indifferent days, they had to do something with it.

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4 hours ago, MiloMorai said:

Could it be recycled into other petro products?

I've never seen anything mentioned about disposal or use of waste oil like that.  I can't imagine they just waited on it to disperse, if only because of the problems it would cause salvage.

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It can be processed, but it is a question of cost. W/O processing heavy oil mixed with water can be reused in some appliances, like making road tar.

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