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Thats amazing, he updated it and I never even noticed! That will also be really useful for a 1983 scenario im working on for TOAW.

Than you both very much indeed, I should think that would probably be enough for him, but I might drop some other questions in if he comes up with any.

cheers guys.

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If you've got what you need ORBAT wise from the links above great. I have a copy of a good source for fairly detailed Swiss ToE's (in German) from the mid/late 70's. if they're of any use to you let me know and I will send them to you.

Also attached a PDF about Truppenordnung 51 (the 1951 re-organisation) in case you want eariler stuff as well. Sorry I downloaded it some time ago so I'm not sure of the original source.



Truppenordnung 51 and Swiss Army OOB in the 50s updated.pdf

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Im not quite sure how detailed he wants, but Ill take anything you have if thats ok with you. Please message me and ill send you my email.

Again, thats very useful. I didnt know the Swiss used German AT guns (though logically thinking about it, there is no reason why they wouldnt). Switzerland must be a great place to shop for German military equipment. I remember reading that Swiss Lugers were very popular among collectors, hence the possible connection with the lake Annecy murders.

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Okay, will do that for you over the weekend.

The Swiss seem to love shopping around for stuff that they can't source themselves. Their air force used Bf109's during the war which saw action against both Axis and Allied planes that entered Swiss airspace and they also used a few Ju52 transports for many years after 1945.

In more recent times I saw somewhere that the Swiss acquired several hundred US M109 155mm SPG's, by the late 1980's having 3 or 4 times the total number that the British Army had in service?   

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I might have some '60s rifle company TOE of the dubious accuracy.

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From a local army "info books". Very brief as with the other "very unlikely" opponents. Two versions, no detailed info on which one is for what purpose.


Version 1:

Co HQ - 9-13 men (depending if it has motorization or not) - 4-7 x rifle, 4 x  sniper rifle

 Machinegun section - 7 men - 2 x MG, 5 x Rifle

Rifle Platoon x 3 - 42 men - 6 x LMG, 3 x Anti-tank weapon, 35 x rifle

 Plt Cmd - 3 men - 2 x Rifle

 Rifle section x 3 - 13 men - 2 x LMG, 1 x Anti-tank weapon, 11 x Rifle

Total - 142-146 men - 2 x MG, 9 x ATW, 18 x LMG, 114-117 x Rifle


Version 2:

Co HQ - 9-13 men (depending if it has motorization or not) - 4-7 x rifle, 4 x  sniper rifle

Rifle Platoon x 3 - 35 men - 3 x LMG, 31 x Rifle, 2 x Sniper rifle

 Plt Cmd - 5 men - 2 x Rifle, 2 x Sniper rifle

 Rifle section x 3 - 10 men - 1 x LMG, 9 x Rifle

Support platoon - 23 men - 3 x MG, 4 x Anti-tank weapon, 20 x Rifle

Plt Cmd - 4 men - 4 x Rifle

AT section - 9 men - 4 x Anti-tank weapon, 9 x rifle

MG Section - 10 men - 3 x MG, 7 x Rifle

Total - 137-141 men - 4 x Anti-tank weapon, 3 x MG, 9 x LMG, 117-120 x Rifle, 10 x Sniper rifle


Rifle - 7.5mm automatic rifle M57

LMG - 7.5mm M51

ATW - 83mm M50 or M58, "capable of penetrating armor of any modern tank, 200m effective range"

Sniper rifle -  "7.5mm M55"


Battalion is described very briefly as having:


AT platoon - 4 x 106mm RCL, mounted on 4x4 light vehicles, but dismountable. Some Bns use pack horse to transport those instead of 4x4 light vehicles. Reserve units might have 83mm M50 AT weapons instead of 106mm RCLs

3-4 x Rifle company (as above)

1 x Mortar company - 12 x 81mm mortar

AD Battery - 4 x 20/1mm AAG

Various logistic and rear area elements.


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Yes and no. They had 12 at a Bn level since they did not have any at the Co level. At the same time period Yugoslav infantry Bn also had 12 x 82mm mortar, but they were allocated differently,  2 in each infantry co and 6 in the mortar platoon of the support company. IIRC Soviets had 9 and I don't remember how many US had, but IIRC 8 comes to mind (US also had 60mm (3?) at a Co level).

There was a general tendency post-WW2 to increase number of the support weapons, and some of the '80s Bns had more heavy weapons than 1940s regiments.


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