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Ultimate Admiral Age of Sail

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This is the follow up to Ultimate General Civil war, and it clearly shares attributes with it. For example, when you land troops, it uses the same combat system as Ultimate General. But the most interesting part is the sailing ship part, and I can honestly say, I dont remember having played such a great maritime combat game. its great.  Ive completed the British campaign, which is great, particularly when you get first rates. If im honest I could say it could do with longer campaigns, but as it has 3, one British and two American, its difficult to find much complaint.


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If you get it now, you will get the Barbary Pirates DLC for free. Not that im trying to twist your arm or anything...

Its fun. I think they would probaby do well to concentrate on a campaign where Island landing was common, the Mauritius Campaign would ahve been a good model. And to be honest, when you get a 3rd rate with carronades, it does start to get a bit easy. OTOH, you have to do really well with frigates to get 3rd rates, which is the difficulty.


Major deficiency is the lack of Spanish or French campaigns, though there is a battle creator which is something.


Be warned, its VERY addictive. Particularly when you get some nice 5th rate frigates with 32 pounder carronades. At that point you are a force to be reckoned with.

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