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Stand Watie (Cherokee: ᏕᎦᏔᎦ, romanized: Degataga, lit. 'Stand firm') (12 December 1806 – 9 September 1871), also known as Standhope Uwatie, Tawkertawker, and Isaac S. Watie, was a leader of the Cherokee Nation. The nation allied with the Confederacy, and he was the only Native American to attain a general's rank in the Civil War, Confederacy or Union. He commanded the Confederate Indian cavalry of the Army of the Trans-Mississippi, made up mostly of Cherokee, Muskogee and Seminole. He was the last Confederate general in the field to cease hostilities at war's end.


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On 9/29/2020 at 10:52 PM, R011 said:

Well, they hadn't been screwed over by the CSA yet, and had by the United States so they might as well ally with them and hope for the best.

One the other hand it was Georgians who were instrumental in screwing them over. 

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Not a point of historical pride in the Native American community, and probably a taboo subject within it.

Edited to add: Indian slave ownership is not taught in American schools. At least it wasn't in the 80s.

"In the mid-18th century, South Carolina colonial governor James Glan began to promote an official policy that aimed to create in Native Americans an "aversion" to African Americans in an attempt to thwart possible alliances between them."

This sounds like a precursor to America's Pacific strategy over the past 125 years.

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