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The Pentagon is eyeing a 500-ship Navy, documents reveal

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On 10/3/2020 at 4:17 PM, Ivanhoe said:

I dunno about mechanical stuff, I would hope that modern electrical motors etc. are more reliable these days.

What DoD in general badly needs is more reliable electronics. If we are to have stimulus spending out the wazoo, electronic/ICS reliability would be a good investment.

Individual components sourced from reputable suppliers are generally very reliable. Military designs using them... 

Designing and manufacturing circuits that meet the environmental requirements imposed by defence contracts is not trivial, and those specifications rarely correspond exactly to the actual environment.

And then you have the expected lifetime before servicing/upgrade.

If you were to put an iPhone on a shelf for ten years, take it down and charge it, what are the chances that it would work? A munition is supposed to do this, and success is considered to be in the high 90s (percent). Batteries, stored propellant, capacitors, oxidisation...

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On 10/6/2020 at 8:34 AM, glenn239 said:

Christ ain't Asian, Rick.   The average Chinese is about intrigued by the Bible as a Texan is by the Koran.

In terms of Chinese foreign policy, they seem to have no interest in military conquest because it doesn't work anymore.  They want to use their economic leverage to enhance China's global position.  So the battle is about money, and your country is currently pissing trillions of dollars down the drain - with trillions more to come - on a virus that has so far killed less Americans than even one nuclear warhead might in that nuclear war Ken Estes mentions at the top of the page.  Contain China?  Maybe, but let's see if your economy collapses in the next couple years over the economic mismanagement of Covid.

China also doesn't seem to fear the prospects of an Asian NATO arranged against it.  This might be more of a mistake, but Beijing has taken no steps with any government so far that cannot be retrieved.  

The Taiping Rebellion and the destructive chaos wrought by it in the name of Christ indicates at least some precedent for the potential use of Christianity as a weapon against them in the future.

Would generally agree with your other two paragraphs. What would be interesting is if they have reached the conclusion that American foreign policy in Asia has always been to keep Asians at each others' throats, to both weaken them as a potential bloc, and to leverage all it can from the opposing sides in the process. An extension of the strategy of encouraging hostility between Native Americans and Negroes in various ways.

Star Trek's Day of the Dove episode comes to mind, with the difference being Asia and Asians being unable to figure out what Kang and Kirk do in about 50 minutes.

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14 minutes ago, Ken Estes said:

Pompous. That fool will deliver nothing. He's a disgrace to West Point, IMO.

Probably could expect the same thing if it was Tillerson.

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15 hours ago, Ken Estes said:

Pompous. That fool will deliver nothing. He's a disgrace to West Point, IMO.

Concur. Pompeo is someone to extend Japanese diplomatic courtesy to, and little else at this point.

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