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Because Turkey


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1 hour ago, DB said:

How does Erdogan get on with the Saudis? It's the usual place for despots who survive the lamp-post treatment isn't it?

Provided they've offshored all the cash, of course.

Until last week they were terrible.  The Sultan has managed to make every country in the region actively working against him. Except Qatar, which currently is involved in drilling off Cyprus and ignores the Sultans commands to stop which tells you how much they think of him atm.

Miraculously this week they are best of friends again according to Turkish Sultan controlled media. 
same with UAE, which shows how desperate they are.  Up to the recent visit to Turkey of they ruler of UAE, yeni safak paper was prominently displaying a caricature of him with a Star of David on the chest for obvious reasons.  It’s gone now…



There are statements from within the gov that a state of emergency might need to be declared so no elections for you!

stock exchange honey moon appears to be over, funds dumping hard currency into it as lira collapsed for the easy gains seem to have decided that they made enough and dropped the index over 13% in minutes late Friday afternoon, Monday will be fun.


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On 12/17/2021 at 12:14 PM, Soren Ras said:

Erdogan is going to need a really big distraction very soon the way things are going...


Right on queue, as lira keeps falling to almost 18 to one USD and stockmarket is crashing for a second day.  


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8 hours ago, Mistral said:

"...Turkey will invade parts of Greece, Bulgaria, Syria, Iraq, Armenia, and Georgia if 'international imperialists don’t stop attacking on all fronts the great Turkish people'."

Just them?

Why not also Russia, Iran, Romania, Egypt, and China while we're at it?

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Turkey supporting the establishment of East Turkistan wouldn't necessarily be so bad. 

Entering into fantasy war..

Turkey is not so bad at drone making although PRC is a drone powerhouse. 

If setting none logistical issues for Turkish side, Leopard 2A4 vs Type 99As might be fun for classical TN. Maybe Leopard 2A4 have better fire on the move and mobility. But Type 99As may have better firepower. Armor.. not sure, perhaps Type 99A is slightly better. If Turkish Leopards use DM-33 or near equivelent, Type 99A armor advantage may be meaningful in some cases.

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1 hour ago, Tim the Tank Nut said:

WSJ has a piece today that says the crisis is calmed.  I just don't see it but whatever.  The news that I read seems more and more to be fiction.

Since Monday, they are burning USD like crazy(something around 9 billion) and reversed the fall and claim victory.  Rumor is that they waited halfway through the Soultans speach on Monday night when trading was thin and dumped them to raise the FX during his speach.  They are just kicking the bucket down the road for a bigger fall.

The new scheme is for the government to promise to refund lira depositors if they loose due to exchange difference, good luck with that unless they can print USD.

Credit Default Swap rate is not convinced so far.  Interesting case to watch from afar anyway.


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Putting this here, I have a feeling we might have another very active thead in a couple of months...

This kind of articles are almost daily the last few months, and this is the English version.

The latest Turkish diplomatic move was to send a letter of complaint to the United Nations in July 2021, saying the militarization of the islands posed a serious threat to Turkey's security.

Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu said the sovereignty over the islands would be questionable in the scenario that Athens has maintained its violations.


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NATO unity in action


Turkey ‘rejects’ US condolences over Istanbul attack
November 14, 2022

ISTANBUL: Turkey on Monday rejected US condolences over the death of six people in a bomb attack in Istanbul that Ankara blamed on an outlawed Kurdish militant group.
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan often accuses Washington of supplying weapons to Kurdish fighters in northern Syria, deemed as “terrorists” by Ankara.
“We do not accept the US embassy’s message of condolences. We reject it,” Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu said in televised comments


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6 hours ago, Stuart Galbraith said:

Well I guess that rules out Sweden joining NATO...


With Finland and Norway being NATOists, kinda puts Sweden in a vise. Should those two nations ever decide to settle up on old debts. :D

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