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Not sure this is the right place to put it, but I find this intriguing. Would it be conceivable that this one day might find itself in Chobham armour?



It won't be any better than things we already have. Some T-64 turrets used this type of array (ceramic balls in aluminum).


The defeat mechanism in this particular material (vibration in the cutting wheel) won't translate to a long rod. But it is possible that some hard material in a softer matrix can induce edge effects.


Silicon carbide balls in eg. a textolite matrix would have a decent ME against all threats, if you wanted a more sophisticated version of the T-64 array.

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Thanks KV7.


Perhaps it might be more viable for flak jackets or Helmets?

We discussed this at length elsewhere. Edge effects probably cannot be used effectively in body armor as the armor becomes too thick if you have sufficient space for the projectile to rotate. Hence there are no body armor systems that use perforated plates. The other issue is that the length diameter ratio is not large, and fracture from yaw is not a possible defeat mechanism.


Edge effects can however be utilised in lightweight AFV armor against HMG and cannon.

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