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Movie "tankers" 2010 (Aka Indestructible) - Real Kv?


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I first heard about this movie a while back but had more or less forgotten about it until someone had it listed on their eBay items and I was buying another DVD so figured for £2, can't really go wrong there. I was quite surprised with this one.


It does seem this may be a real KV-1?




If not then it has to be one of the best vismod's in the world, quite literally!


Since there are some on this site who work in various museums, recover tanks from their resting place since the Great Patriotic War etc, does anyone know the story behind the movie and even the vehicle/vehicles themselves?


The "Panzers" are obviously T-54/T-55 types with extra additions, perhaps sheet steel or even timber boxes altering their profile somewhat although the roadwheels are still quite a give-away.


But to see a real KV-1 (looks like a KV-1E in the early parts of the movie) was a real surprise. And as I'm a fan of the KV as a whole, this is brilliant stuff indeed.


I think its time I re-read Neil Stokes's book on the KV. Fantastic read that was about a great vehicle.

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Having it's turret immediately pop from a KwK 40 hit to the side turret kind of ruins the whole thing though. I suppose it is possible but the crewman jumping like it is obviously going to go up is a bridge too far.

But in any case there were no Panzer IV Ausf H at the battles around Voronezh-Voroshilovgrad nor anywhere in 1942.

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The KV looks pretty good to me, at least by movie standards. The bigger complaint would be the T-34/85 tanks in the trailer, if this is supposed to be 1942.

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