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This all reminds me of another not-yet-ancient-thread, maybe about a year ago, about IFV caliber cannons that resulted in illuminating a sort of two main categories that IFV caliber cannons fall into. One put emphasis for being ready and avaiable to provide much fire support. The other put emphasis on armor penetration ability. Basically, 20-25mm wss the former while 35mm plus being the latter. 30mm being a sort of compromise of the two classes. The smaller caliber naturally had more ready ammunition and greater ammo storage. The larger caliber had better punch. Which was better tended to be up to what the designers in question wanted between the two. 

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Two vehicles - Begleitpanzer 57 analogue and a separate APC with an RWS mounted 40mm AGL and LMG in whatever calibre is flavour of the month.... 

Given that Ajax is 7 or 8 different vehicle variants, the point of having multiple types is fairly moot - the 40mm armed IFV is quite different to the APC variant, even to having a different (still side opening) rear door.

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