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"bronco Ii" Candidate For Ussocom

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Kind of interesting, but it doesn't look like its positioned to sell. US won't go for a 10 klb little fixed wing, when they can buy more helos and UCAVs.


ROW nations won't use the pack-ability.


And I think a two-seater is a bit much in that size. With cockpit automation and electro-optics, missions could mostly be done with one crew I think. Bump MTOW to 15k, lose the internal cargo bay, find a way to have internal weapons carriage and/or low-drag hard point mounts, and it would get more interesting.

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I think second pair of hands in crew has not yet lost it's usefulness, advances in automation or not.

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IMO as far as export goes, nations that require such compromises in airframe in order to afford to buy and operate it wont be able to afford the PGM munitions that are required to make it useful, nor the flight hours required to maintain proficiency

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