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Tank And Afv Manuals

Stuart Galbraith

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Ok, just decided to up my collection of manuals that ive scanned over the years. First up, the M60A2 gunnery manual.


Incidentally, anyone else that has some good manuals you think might be interesting, please feel free to post them here.











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Thanks, Stuart! And Coldsteel.that Mk.VIII manual, wow!


Edit: I'll have to set up a dropbox as well. There are also some gems at liberatedmanuals.com.

The money shot:

"The goal of this website is to "liberate" government manuals from the dirty hands of CDROM selling mafia."


That describes the various sites trying to sell issues of Chinn's machinegun books when you can get it free by going here: https://www.ibiblio.org/hyperwar/USN/ref/MG/index.html

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Ok, this one is probably pretty rare. Its an English User Manual for the Khalid, the tank originally built as Shir1 for Iran. Shir 1 was basically a Mk5 Chieftain with a Rolls Royce CV12 engine, basically the engine and transmission IIRC from a Challenger 1. It was cancelled by the Iranians (bet they regretted that a few years later) and they went unsold for some years. If you look at the Chieftain thread you can find the minutes of a select committee where they discuss the difficulty of finding a buyer. As we saw, Jordan was the eventual purchaser of them.





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Ok, this one is hot off the press, relatively. I first started scanning this about 10 years ago, but for various reason (not least because it takes bloody ages) I just got around to compiling it into a PDF today. So here it is, the Centurion 105mm gunnery Pamphlet. I dont know why they call it a pamphlet its nearly 300 bloody pages long....


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No problem fella. Ive got a couple of 20pdr manuals (Mk3 and Mk7/8) somewhere, but they are a bit difficult in they are not loose leaf. Cant really bung that in the document feeder.


Ill upload some of my older stuff again before I do something else. At the moment im flirting with doing the early Chieftain Gunnery manual (ie, RMG), is anyone interested in that?

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This is the Chieftain Armament manual from 1968.



This is the brochure for IFCS, which it was later updated with.


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