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Richard Ogorkiewicz Rip

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I have just heard from Richard Ogorkiewicz's wife that he died suddenly on Sunday. As all will know, he was a brilliant writer and analyst in the field of AFVs. He was still active physically and mentally, just completing his memoirs.


I remember all his many kindnesses, keen intelligence and his wry sense of humour. I wil miss him.



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That was a nice video clip about Richard.


I went to his funeral on Wednesday and it was a moving event. Rupert Pengelly of Jane's and David Willey of the Tank Museum led the eulogies. They spoke of his complete lack of patience with people in authority, (military and political), who were less informed about a topic than they should be. On the other hand, they both mentioned his kindness and tolerance towards people in junior positions and who were learning their trade. I was lucky enough to have experienced the latter.


Richard did a lot of work behind the scenes, cooperating with primarily British and US but also Swedish, Israeli and Brazilian tank experts and manufacturers. Only some of this is in the public domain and is a story in itself. He was still being invited at home and abroad to classified discussions on armour development until he reached his 80s. He really was an impressive bloke.



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Perhaps not, though there is the other way of looking at it, if its out of print and its not costing the printers or the author anything, where is the harm? I dont see it as being any different from being given a second hand book, or buying one in a second hand book shop. That too I would think is technically illegal.


Its down to everyones individual conscience I guess.

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The Internet Archive sometimes errs on the side of over-permissiveness, but does respect all DMCA take-down requests. If someone with legal claim to the ToT copyright asks them to take it down, they will "darken" it.


In the meantime, silence is taken as permission.

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I was in a state of constant amazement when reading Technology of Tanks. Could pretty well be used as a engineering school 3x-4x level textbook, but it is very entertaining also. I recall with great fondness the chapter on transmissions.



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I dont know if its appropriate to highlight this, but one of his books, the Technology of Tanks, is hosted on Archive.org, and very good it looks too.


RIP Ogorkiewicz...

the archive.org is from us TankNet... go page 331 top, the scanned pencil note "tabla ruedas en p333" or "roadwheel table in page 333" is mine;

I got the photocopied book for free from somebody whose name by God can't remember (Greg? THANKS) in the old Brunk site, passed about a dozen copies for free too to others, and seems ended in archive.org, for benefit of all tank lovers in the world. a magnificent monument.

video says he wrote three books, mention two, but are at least four: Technology of Tanks (this 2 vol set), Tanks 100 years of evolution, Armoured Forces, and an earlier Design and Development of Fighting Vehicles.

a good 2020 to all.

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