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Operation Banner - British Army Northern Ireland

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Since nobody has answered, you might want to take a look at the British defence estimates, which I seem to recall (I might be wrong in this) gave a costing for the deployment in Northern Ireland.


Might be worth a try if you cant find anything else. Of course if it does work, you are looking at something like a 40 year deployment, which is a lot of paperwork to pick over.


They used to publish them as white papers. You can probably pick them up in online bookshops. Think I got some for 1990 from Amazon at one point.

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I find that pretty astonishing, that they didnt even bother to retain details of the cost till 1992! Also, what the hell does this mean?


'In 2006-07 cost of capital and depreciation charges were removed from top level budget accounts. The following figures therefore reflect cash outturn only'


Thanks for that, its interesting, confusing though it is.

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was amazed at so little info being available

mind you - what do you charge against the Op - incremental costs - may be - would any be offset against training


OK - outfitting and paying for UDR

Increased flying hours for AAC probably


5 battalions of regulars no so sure


the famous towers and pvcps on the border yes - but not sure if included in these vehicles

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