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Cooling Machine Gun Barrels

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Ooops, I lost my barrel in the snow! (like fondue)





Heavy barrels are still kinda used. Not all multibarrel MGs use external power, both GShG and YakB-12,7 are internally powered.


Does any machine gun besides the M2 .50 cal use a heavy barrel?


Yeah, the French AA-52 / F-1 medium machine gun.



Swiss MG87 beats that easily: https://www.mediathek.admin.ch/media/image/156523ec-d56c-49ab-9f0d-df086f1372d7(link, cause it won't link easily)


special variant of the MG 51 (itself a heavy swiss made mutant of the MG42) for coaxial mounting in Panzer 87 (Leopard 2 A4CH)





Though I do not think the barrel is that thick on a AA-52. It just happens to have a slim receiver making the barrel look fat.

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PKT used barrel adopted from SGMT, as PKM barrel, being shorter would have required changing range scales on the 1000s of tanks.

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