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British Archer

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This is what I have:

Front: 20(IT80)(nose),20(IT80)(glacis), 20(IT80)(lower structure), 20(IT80)(gunhouse)

Sides: 20(IT80)(hull),10(IT80)(gunhouse)

Rear: 20(IT80)(hull), 20(IT80)(gunhouse)

Belly: 10(IT80)

Top: open fighting compartment, 10(IT80)(engine deck)


IT80 is the steel type, welded.


I've also seen lots of 10-60mm or 8-60mm, but also 20mm max. When a source has provided the details it's always been 20max (except in some wargames). I suspect that some have just grabbed the typical Valentine numbers and used those even though the Archers were pretty much all new.





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