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Armored Battle Crew

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Apologies if there is another thread on this, Ive a feeling I created one but im damned if I can find it. This is basically a world war one tank game, done in the style of the endlessly fun Bomber Crew. Its essentially a crew management game. System breaks, repair it, gun needs ammunition, go and get it from the locker. But when you are surrounded by enemies it suddenly gets very, very complicated difficult, and in some ways actually surprisingly tactical. I got skylined, had my tank badly damaged, driver wounded, got another guy in the driving position, he got wounded, put another guy in the driving position, he drives backwards, and I spend the next 2 minutes frantically fixing my tank and bandaging the wounded crew.


Its a bit gamey, its certainly not a sim, but its the best recreation of WW1 tank combat ive seen to date. The devs are also open to what tanks to develop next, via a vote on discord.



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