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Msi G65 Stealth

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Well Best Buy had a sale on these ($300 off) and I was looking for a gaming laptop for me. Well I got it. I have a couple of concerns which bothered me, and I almost took it back until I discovered that most of the items were "features" not bugs. I noticed that no matter how long I had it plugged in, the battery would not show more than 90% (later 80%) and after lots of panic, and googling, I discovered that this "feature" is to save battery life. Battery life is meh.


Changing the stupid blinky RGB was utterly non-intuituve, and took me almost almost two hours to get it figured out. There were other little quirks on the software, and bloatware that took me a while to stomp on and remove. Windows refused to update to 1903 build, and so I finally brute forced it, and as is usual for Winders it took two hours on Ethernet!!!!! to download. Finally it installed, and I was able to update most of the other software.


Here is the machine: https://www.bestbuy.com/site/msi-gs-series-stealth-15-6-gaming-laptop-intel-core-i7-16gb-memory-nvidia-geforce-gtx-1660ti-512gb-ssd-matte-black-with-gold-diamond-cut/6343295.p?skuId=6343295


It has a lovely screen, and the battery life is ok, nothing to write home about. It used the internal Intel video until a game is noticed. Then the 1660 takes over. It has a six core, and 16 gb of ram. The 512gb SSD is ok, and later I will add a 1TB drive to it, just for more storage. Right now its ok. The keyboard is not bad, and the track pad is like glass. However since MSI builds their laptops upside down, I have to take it to GeekSquad at Best Buy to avoid fubaring my laptop. Nothing can be user installed. It is very light so it works well in that regard.

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So far, so good. It is a pretty decent gaming laptop considering the games I play are not super killer games. Mostly stuff like Civ V, Civ VI, and such. Boots really, really quickly, and I have not been able to bog it down.

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