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Analysis Of Recent Attack On Saudi Arabian Oil Facility

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The only short ranged system in KSA service I can turn up on a search is Skyguard 35mm.


ETA: Putin laughingly said maybe the KSA needs S400, but what they could probably really use is Pantsir.

For point defence I'd go with the German Mantis revolver cannon system paired with high powered laser system. Rheinmettal could provide both. Sensors and weapons would need to be elevated on flak towers for the best possible coverage.

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Although in Germany at least how oil refinement is done is stuff for ninth or tenth form chemistry. But chenistry class in school sadly sucks most often. And journalists are among the first pupils deciding they do not need statistics, math in general or natural sciences. "too hard". resulting in the daily mangling of statistics and science in media.

It is known that all four branches of STEM are highly racist and chock-full of White Male Privilege and thus to be avoided.

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Will be interesting to see how the complete lack of response (as far as I know) from US and Saudi will play out. I read some article claiming that this is resulting in a new detente between KSA and Iran but can't find it now... pretty sure the Iranians who planned this have their careers set for life.


Edit: uh, never mind that! https://www.cnn.com/2019/10/11/middleeast/iran-oil-tanker-red-sea-intl-hnk/index.html

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