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Poland Officially Requests F-35's

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The traditional response was to buy 2 of every one we buy. They cant do that anymore because they cant afford it, but the development of Su57, their cruise missiles, their surface warships etc etc etc, its all keep up with the joneses. They talk about asymmetric, but their force structure sure doesnt demonstrate much of it. They only asymmetric thing they have truly done is hacking (which any 12 year old in Russia apparently can do) and hiring private military contractors. Judging by how unsuccessful they were in Chechnya, Sudan and even Ukraine, it looks like a poor substitute to me.


Russia isn simply going to ignore poland arming up. They will try to match it no matter what they say. They are scared of the poles for past transgressions.

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I think this US-Polish axis emerging stronger and stronger in NATO is symptomatic of a growing split in NATO and increasing Polish strength and influence in Eastern Europe may cause friction more with Germany and Ukraine than with Russia.

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6 Forcing Russia to embark on yet another arms race that it cant afford, forcing the collapse of the Putin Regime.


Its just win win win all round.


If you listen to the commentary coming out of Russia, they are all about negating enemy capabilities assymetrically, and always have been. They don't have to buy a Gen 5 fighter plane for every one Poland buys when they can easily nagate them by other, vastly cheaper and safer means.



I don't disagree, but on the flip side they create entire new classes of strategic weapons that seem, from a western point of view, utterly pointless. I've no doubt they could mother fuck Poland at the drop of the hat and invade the Baltics. But I doubt they would want any US blow back. I agree Europe should have its own cruise missiles as a deterrent. But you kinda have to assume NATO (the US) backs out if you assume Russian cruise missile attacks are compltely without consequence. I'm not saying you're wrong, just get your own cruise missiles.

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