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Behold The Frankentiger

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nit pick: the monster is just called monster and not Frankentein. Frankenstein was the monster's creator. hence Frankenstein's mosnter. So this is Frankenstein's Tiger then.



Interesting that he has started building another Tiger from wrecked hulls. Too bad he had to remove the Tiger from the Panzermuseum for the dumb laws. I guess panzershock is very real with the Bundestag. :wacko:​

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No they have a different one, theirs is a t55 based vismod. I had a chance to visit that museum this winter, it's small but interesting.



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In the Jentz book, I seem to recall an illustration of a Panther Turret mounted on a Tiger. It was reckoned a 75mm actually gave better antitank performances than an 88mm. It never happened though.



The Tiger was originally designed for the 75mm L70 in a Panther-like turret. Since the gun/turret was not ready in time, they hastely designed a turret to take the 88 mm gun. Even then it was planned that the second production batch would get the new turret and gun, but given the battlefield reports on the 88mm turret/gun combo and difficulties in developing the 75 mm gun turret, the 88mm became standard for all production.


So the 88mm gun was in fact a "zwischenlösung", a fact not many people seem to know... (from Spielberger)

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Yes, I seem to recall the turret was actually mounted on the Porche Tiger, I just cant quite remember if they designed it for that, or the 75mm turret was envisaged as fitting both the Porche and the Henschel design from the start. It does kind of make more sense as a breakthrough tank having the 88mm.

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In October 1941, the Weapons Testing Branch requested Krupp to study a more

powerful weapon for the VK 30.01 prototype, to include backfitting the new anti-tank

75-mm PAK L/43 into its turret, whatever the consequences. In the end, the resulting

turrets were used for emplacements on the Atlantic Wall. There were also parallel

projects (VK 36.01 and VK 65.01), both offered to Henschel. The VK 65.01 was a

simple up-armored version of the VK 30.01, on a basis of 80 mm all around, retaining

the same 75-mm L/24 turret and weapon. The VK 36.01 took form in June 1940 as an

up-gunned VK 30.01, carrying a 10.5-mm L/28 gun turret that was modified almost

a year later to the tapered-bore Weapon 0725. Hull armor was 80 mm frontal and 50

mm sides, and a new Maybach 12-cylinder HL174 developing 450 metric hp as its

power plant. On June 11, 1941, Krupp was ordered to cancel the 105-mm gun turret

in favor of producing six armored turrets fitted with the Weapon 0725. Henschel in

turn received contracts for one driving evaluation and six prototype tanks that would

carry the new Krupp turrets. The following month, the VK36.01 was cancelled. Only

a single VK 36.01 chassis was delivered for testing in March 1942. By then, it had

been folded into the new Tiger tank project.

On May 26, 1941, Hitler met with both Porsche and Henschel representatives at his

Eagle’s Nest and effectively began his four-year direction of the German Army heavy

fighting vehicle program. In what was by then a typical specificity in his Führerbefehl,

he erased the previous projects and decreed that the German heavy tank must have

100 mm of frontal armor and mount either the Krupp 88-mm tank cannon or the

75-mm Weapon 0725, provided stockpiles of tungsten ore proved sufficient for that

weapon’s ammunition (decided in the negative in July 1941).

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Speaking of Franken tanks, could a Tiger 1 turret fit a panther hull or vis versa? Was any such beast thrown together in the last days of the Reich?


Pretty sure the two tanks had different size turret rings, with the tiger turret ring being larger.

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