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1960's Combined Arms Tactics

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Carried by, not mounted on AFAIK.

Correct, I was using the term 'mounted on' to refer to the anti-tank platoon in general, not the firing posts in particular. British convention!


However, I think that the mobile anti-tank platoon in an airmobile bn did have the launchers physically mounted on their Land Rovers. Wouldn't have been different from the rifle company anti-tank platoons otherwise.

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There was a scout section mounted in landrovers, not unlike the SAS pinkies. I cant remember whether they mounted an automatic grenade launcher or had a Milan mount though.

The ones I saw had a 0.50 M2HB at the back and a GPMG for the co-driver. We hadn't adopted the GMG back then but the SAS had had Mk19s since at least 1991. I lived opposite 24 Air Mobile's base in Colchester until 1997.

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