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A Week In October 1943 According To A German Local Newspaper

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Eight years ago I posted a thread based upon documents from the life of a granduncle of mine, particularly his letters while being posted as first general staff officer of the Wehrmacht's 73rd Infantry Division on the Kuban - wrongly in Military Current Events, which is why I'm not digging it up. However, at the wedding of my brother #4 last weekend, my godfather uncle gave me copies of parts from five successive 1943 issues of the "Kurhessische Landeszeitung" (the header notes it is united with the "Kasseler Post" for the duration of the war, serves as the Gau organ of the NSDAP and the official gazette of Kurhesse authorities). I gather my granduncle's wife kept them at her home in Kassel because they included considerable coverage of the fighting following the retreat across the Kerch Strait, separate from and beyond the daily Wehrmacht dispatches.


The biggest topic in this week from 26 to 31 October is actually a heavy British bombing attack on Kassel on the 22nd, however; in fact the header also says these are joint emergency issues with yet another paper, the "Kasseler Neueste Nachrichten", presumably because the latter had its offices or presses destroyed. Emergency decrees and reports of the attack's effects and measures addressing them are prominent, along with wrathful comments how this was a crime against humanity, yet totally different from what the Luftwaffe did to London; and uplifting stories about how citizens are pulling together, how German fighters are decimating enemy bomber formations outside the Reich's borders, etc.


The third spotlight is on events in Italy following the landing on Sicily, Mussolini's deposition and freeing, with much talk of treason by King Vittorio Emanuele III., the Italian aristocracy, various flag officers and, of course, the Jews; as well as cheering for the new Fascist republic. I would include various reports about the Mediterranean theater under this, since they tend to blame the Italian defection for anything that's gone wrong.


There is even some attention to events in the Pacific, mostly about Tojo holding two speeches before the Diet that week and a subsequent resolution for all East Asians to rise against Anglo-American imperialism. Also some small notes about Japanese attacks on New Guinea and in Burma, the loss of submarine USS Dorado, and the brilliant evacuation of Japanese troops from Kiska by submarine. And the government of Free India declared war on the UK and US. That'll help.


Some more coverage of lesser German allies and neutrals, like Finland, the Vichy regime and Sweden. One report concerns an exchange of wounded German and British POWs in Barcelona; I wasn't even aware that happened. Most interesting to me were political reports on the Allies, naturally focussing on intra-allied quarrels, inner dissent and alleged social hardships due to the war.


Beyond the timeless style of government propaganda, some reminded me of contemporary hyperpartisan "news". For example, there's one article highlighting that the Roosevelt administration is sheltering three million men from military service in its bloated bureaucracy; supposedly this is to secure the support of a certain class in the plutocratic war which the American people was forced into by a small clique of ambitious politicians and the country's financial rulers, who also control all of the media. Who knew that the Nazis were aware of The Swamp already? :D


It all happens to tie in quite well with various current TankNet discussions, including whether to invade France in 1943 and the role of the US in the demise of the British Empire. I have not the time I used to for translating and posting excerpts; given the mass, I wouldn't know which ones and where to begin, too. I thought that maybe people here could indicate particular interest in some or other of the fields above, so that I could post relevant headlines, from which again some of the most interesting could be chosen so I can translate the selection when I find the time on the weekend or so. Of course if it's just 20-line items, I could do that directly when listing headlines. I have to warn though that the last two or so lines on each page are cut off in the copies.

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The comments about the British bombing attacks Id find particularly interesting. I always wanted to know more about the German perspective of these. Even in the excellent books by Martin Middlebrook, there remains some distance, if only because he was asking the questions 40 years later of people with a fresh perspective.

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Mind though this is not exactly the voice of the man on the street rather than raging, foaming-at-the-mouth "the British and their Jewish masters will have to answer for this one day" Nazi propaganda. ;)


The whole air raid topic is of course rather expansive. I'll try to focus on the opinion pieces and morale boosters, and leave out all the proclamations and public service announcements of which food/clothes/tobacco stores, banks, pharmacies, fuel and railway stations are still open for business, what messages to leave and where to report if bombed out, and that looters will be shot.


"From the City" column of 26 October

The Decisive Will


(General pep talk on how each German's unbroken will is necessary to win this war, ca. 30 lines)


The Good Idea


(About a nameless tinkerer that used to be smiled about by his neighbors, who now profit from his self-made garden pump after the water mains are out, ca. 40 lines)


Noone Is Without Help!


(Lauding everbody's contribution to deal with the effects of the bombing, ca. 40 lines)


Always think of it: Complete blackout is the best air raid protection. Windows at the rear facades of houses, and in particular roof hatches and attic windows and the complete stairwell, too, must be blacked out [?] with the same regular care [cut off]


I can't quite place the following topically, but it's on the same page which is dedicated completely to the attack, so I just include the short blurb.


The German Way


The genuine German way is not to want imitating the often absurd properties of other peoples. Still, there has also been a number of people under the influence of a Jewizized [illegible] direction in Germany who had moved away from the firm ground of our German life. "He who has the Real, can do without the Vain" - this word of such an unspoiled German as Ernst Moritz Arndt is gaining special value again today, as we are coming more in touch with other peoples due to the reordering of Europe. We do not demand that other peoples, alien to us in race and character, should orientate themselves after our habits of life, but just as little do we need to surrender our peculiarities. That what is genuine and natural always has its convincing force. German character, too, will look more convincing to alien peoples the more genuine and uncontrived it [cut off]


London Admits 44 Losses in Attack on Kassel


(Self-explaining, ca. 50 lines)


German Fighters Clean Up among Heavy Bombers

Giant fights at icy altitude / Perpetually changing tactic / High USA Losses


(Depiction of a group of Fw 190 decimating a US bomber formation, ca. 100 lines)


"Defensor dei"

The four-hundred-year tradition of the pious hypocrites


(Lengthy diatribe drawing a line from Henry VIII.'s assumption of that title in 1543 to the present-day Anglican Church endorsing air raids on German cities 400 years later, ca. 140 lines)


Amok Runners

By Hans Schlitzberger


(Lead of the 27 October issue, lots of raging and foaming at the mouth, ca. 100 lines)


"From the City" column of 27 October

Self Do, Self Have!


(Hardy Kassel women cooking on makeshift hearths outside, ca. 45 lines)


This one is again short enough to translate on the spot.


Aerial Terror a Replacement for Hunger Blockade

By our correspondent

Stockholm, 26 October

That England has conciously opened the terror air war against the civilian population out of the same mindset and with the same objective as the hunger blockade in the last world war is testified to by the Stockholm newspaper "Dagens Nyheter" (Bonnier Press), which's England-friendly disposition is extraordinarily well-known. The paper writes: "The food blockade has not yet become a hunger blockade this time, but in its place the aerial bombardments against the major cities have become what an English newspaper has called a dwelling blockade. The nerve-attritting effects of these devastations should be no less in the long run".


Truely: Confessions of beautiful souls who are sufficiently related for their expressions to be commonly accepted as authentic. "Dwelling blockade" instead of hunger blockade, that is English warfare after the wishes and among the applause of global Jewdom.


"From the City" column of 28 October

"Bombed Out"


(Musings about a new-coined term, ca. 55 lines)


"Aid Platoon Fox" Intervenes

Food and clothes are damming the want / Soldiers are helping the homeland


(Report on deployment of a mobile disaster relief unit of the Wehrmacht, ca. 125 lines)


To A German Mother

Even when facing death she thought of her children


(Sob story about a once more anonymous mother and what she supposedly thought just before being buried under debris, ca. 60 lines)


"From the City" column of 29 October

Power to Act


(General pep talk, ca. 30 lines)


We Have Remained Humans

Bombing terror and German everyday life in the fifth war year

By war reporter P. C. Ettighoffer


(Why the reaction of Germans to air raids is real-deal toughness as opposed to Brits who were shown dancing the Lambeth Walk after surviving a German bombing, ca. 160 lines)


"I am looking for Mrs. Hartmüller"

A look into the missing persons center / Between hoping and abiding


(Self-explaining, ca. 75 lines)


Emergency Measure Proving Itself

Ward girls employed as nurses


(Untrained hospital aides relieving nurses after going through short classes, ca. 30 lines)


The Clothing Emergency Aid From "Fox Platoon"

NSV [National Socialist People's Welfare] deploys disaster relief platoon / Seven hundred people clothed daily / infant washing aid station at city hall


(Self-explaining, ca. 95 lines)


The Crucible

By Hans Schlitzberger


(Lead of the 30/31 October issue on how things are always hardest before final victory, ca. 70 lines)


"From the City" column of 30/31 October

The Grand Decision


(Same topic, ca. 30 lines)


Kettles Steam, Wagons Roll, People Hurry

Sidelights from the NSV compensation office / Transshipment point for 21 feeding stations in city district


(Look at the administrative side of the relief effort, ca. 120 lines)


We Haven't Gone Dull!

Not of themselves they thought, only of the others


(More praise for anonymous individuals acting courageously during the attack, ca. 80 lines)


To Work With a Song!

Our Hitler Youth are found everywhere


(Report on the HJ helping the relief effort, ca. 55 lines)


Gals Are Lending a Hand Everywhere

They were present at once and helped


(Same for the BDM, ca. 95 lines)


That's it. The official announcements are about the same volume again.


OCR must have gotten orders of magnitude better in the recent decade.


I'm not sure what it would make of the prevalent Sütterlin type in those copies of aged newspapers, though.

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Mind though this is not exactly the voice of the man on the street rather than raging, foaming-at-the-mouth "the British and their Jewish masters will have to answer for this one day" Nazi propaganda. ;)


I'm not sure what it would make of the prevalent Sütterlin type in those copies of aged newspapers, though.


Thats ok, it doesnt matter. Im interested in what the public consumption was saying. There was quite a lot of hyperbole in our newspapers too. Well, its fleet street right, same as it ever was.


'We Have Remained Humans

Bombing terror and German everyday life in the fifth war year

By war reporter P. C. Ettighoffer


(Why the reaction of Germans to air raids is real-deal toughness as opposed to Brits who were shown dancing the Lambeth Walk after surviving a German bombing, ca. 160 lines)'


Now thats priceless.We were effeminate from doing the Lambeth Walk. :D

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Right, I'll mark it up for at least partial translation on the weekend. Probably along with the rant against the Church of England, because it ties in well with the side discussion on the split from Catholicism in the Reformation thread. :D


Did you have a look here?

Thanks, I'll check it out.

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Right, I'll mark it up for at least partial translation on the weekend. Probably along with the rant against the Church of England, because it ties in well with the side discussion on the split from Catholicism in the Reformation thread. :D


Did you have a look here?

Thanks, I'll check it out.


Its sure to be popular. :)

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Here goes. Note: the epitome of German toughness in the face of aerial bombardments is a well-washed blond train dispatcher.



We Have Remained Humans

Bombing terror and German everyday life in the fifth war year

By war reporter P. C. Ettighoffer

At a German railway station, in October


P. K. Between the sharply rising, jagged house ruins of an English city the bittersweet vapor of bomb explosions was still creeping sluggishly, in the distance the last motors withdrawing to the east were still humming, and already they were emerging from all holes and crannies, the survivors of the hit city quarter! And they looked around, and they gave each other roguish winks, and they linked arms and danced. Upon the ruins of their houses they danced the Lambeth Walk .... And while they were dancing like that, the inevitable reporter appeared on the scene, and soon all people in the country and abroad knew it: See, so tough we are in taking! Our streets full of debris, total war unto us, everything gone crazy - - however we are dancing, because we are stubborn. Nothing can shake us, nothing .....!


... until the hour of reckoning.


Such was the image coming to us from England! It was to supply - more or less luckily staged - the proof for the strength and perseverance of the civilian population! No, here in our German homeland nobody is dancing frivolously on ruins, here - it should be said directly - no perseverance scenes are constructed in time for the domestic and international press, noone among our hard-tested population would stoop to such ignoble horseplay! Silent and acquiescent, but stone-hard the beloved homeland is enduring [cut off] show, which is eliminating any compassion before the global public with the enemy. Our population is enduring and for now accepting the hard strikes of the terror attacks in silence, and we soldiers are standing admiringly at the edge of events, and sometimes the water of emotion wants to rise to our eyes at the view of people, things and small experiences, which define every of our German days in the fifth war year.


Our front leave train was steaming and thumping through the moonlit night, and then the jarring wail of the sirens jerked us from the sleeping corners. Quick look through the window: we were just going through densely-built suburbs. Soon there would be a major station. The brakes grated, a platform was moving brightly-lined past the train! Covered lamps were shining sparsely with blue lights like half-blinded eyes. The transport stopped, and a female loudspeaker voice announced:


"This is X station, there is an air raid alarm! The front leave train will continue immediately! Anybody having to disembark here, please hurry and to the air raid shelter immediately!"


The fate of a little "voice"


Spoke it completely matter-of-fact and completely calm. And then the "voice" stepped out of the duty box, which was standing in the middle of the platform. And this "voice" was blond as a dream, and from under her red service cap it welled thickly and blond. And lissom and lithe and well-washed was the whole person! Strange that [cut off] attention to marginal things. But maybe the mind looks for a lynchpin to brace on against things to come. "And where is your own air raid shelter, miss?" we asked half in jest. The "voice" shook the red-capped blond head: "I'm on duty here!" Pointed the signal baton at the platform, on the end of which the engine of the front leave train was breathing heavily. Then she looked at the clock and raised the baton with the green light signal! Our engine hissed harder, the platform began gliding to the back. The red cap stayed behind lonely. At this moment the enemy set his targetting bombs close above the station and its environs, and as we were going on we experienced with grinding teeth a rain of steel and fire, which murdering British fire-raisers let rain onto the midnight city without conscience. Poor "voice" on the lonely platform!


Twenty days later our front leave train once more went through that city. It was this time bright noon. And lo, on the platform stood the "voice", the blond train dispatcher with the red cap. "Congratulations for happily coming through that bombing night 20 days ago!" we called out to her. She tought for a moment and smiled understandingly: "Ah yes, what fear I endured then, what fear for the front leave train! No, that wasn't nice at all! The TC was pretty lucky that he got through so smoothly, with bombs dropping left and right!" Of her own, quite human fear no word. She was already on duty again, looked at the clock, raised the signal baton for departure. We looked back at her. The red cap became smaller and smaller, below it, like a golden dash, a blond shock of hair! And still lower, but invisible, a [illegible] German woman's heart was beating. The [cut off] little blond woman, so tough in taking, fare well! You have given us landsers much for the journey!


Being tough in taking!


Our train went on and on and soon reached another station. They are close to each other, these West German cities, which are hearing the murderous fire-raisers rustle above them so often, and are all bearing painful wounds. Here, too, numerous leavers embarked, general return to the front. There some stood closely to their loved ones, couples saying goodbye, some very young, the rings still very new. Until "all aboard!" was called, they stood together whispering. Some said nothing at all, just looking into each others eyes silently. There was a really young couple. He, the landser, quickly kissed his young wife yet, then nimbly-footed swung himself onto the already-starting train. "Won't you cry!" he admonished her, bent through the window. "Me, crying? How would I!" she said and fought the rising water - - - "Cry?! You'll be back after all, Horst!" like a cocky teenager she made a cheerful grimace to the one going away. And the lanser did it just the same, and they both laughed like young people who had caught each other in some mischief! And then came the merciful switchbox - not a second early, because we in the last car still saw how the young woman broke into tears. Essential that the beloved who had to go to the front hadn't seen any tears, essential!


Being tough in taking, that is what it comes down to! No, we do not need some advertizing drum, we are not dancing frivolously on our ruins, we are not flirting with horror; because we have remained humans, humans with a German soul and a soft heart and the [cut off].

Now that took me over an hour to translate and type; for the even longer blurb about the Anglican Church I tried the ABBYY FineReader to scan the Sütterlin online, and ran the slightly improved result through Google Translate. With necessary further improvements to the translation, total time spent was about 50 minutes, definitely a lot of work saved. Thanks for the tip.


"Defensor dei" The four-hundred-year tradition of the pious hypocrites


The King, along with many other titles that mark his constitutional status, also bears the title of "defensor dei." This rank designation as the Defender of God has been linked to the English royal title for exactly 400 years now. The method by which this title was acquired - or rather: obtained surrepitiously - was the same back then as it is today. It is always a question of securing rights "for eternal times" by exploiting a constellation of power that is favorable in the given moment. In 1543, the English Parliament recognized the then-king, Henry Vlll., as entitled to claim the role of "defensor dei." It is interesting to recall this event - quasi on the occasion of the anniversary - today specifically.


Henry Vlll. felt called upon as a religious zealot of his time to take a stand against the Reformation which was spreading on the mainland and especially in Germany. In itself, this "monk quarrel," as people on the island in particular described this event rising to world-historical importance, touched neither the English king nor English interests. But it would have fundamentally contradicted the English tradition, which was in effect back then already and still applies today, if England had not intervened in this initially purely domestic German, but at least exclusively continental matter.


Briton in search of honorary title


Henry Vlll. wrote under his name [cut off] understand this, one has to take into account that this step did not come from a deep religious commitment. It could not be the dry thanks of the pope Henry Vlll. was out for. It was much more important for the king to earn an honorary title with which he could persist alongside the "Most Christian Majesty in France" and next to the "Catholic Majesty of Spain". He was thinking of something like the title of "apostolicus" or "protector". But the pope, grateful to his ally, who had arisen in the battle against Luther, showed his thanks by declaring Henry the "defender of God" ("defensor dei"). This was done by a bull dated 11 October 1521.


Not long after this event, relations between Henry and the Pope became more and more strained and eventually led to a complete break. Legally, Henry lost his title. However, the King, unconcerned about whether the world understood the Catholic faith or any other religion as the faith which he "defended", called his parliament together in 1543, let it grant him supremacy over the English Church and at the same time entrust him with the Lend title as "defensor" as a hereditary crown rightfor eternal times. He had thus extorted a title that could only be awarded to him by the highest ecclesiastical authority, but not by a parliamentary body.


The feeling of unlawfulness can not be attributed to Heinrich: as well [cut off] set and to strive for his goodwill. England, as Lord Palmerston later expressed it, knows no eternal friendships and eternal enmities, but only eternal interests. Luther was supposed to aide Henry Vlll. in the divorce, and was asked to assist by messengers from the court of the "Defensor dei." Luther however, whom the royal pamphlet had scarcely impressed, roundly rejected to be of service to the English king in forms which Henry VIII. was and had to feel humiliating.


Religion equals business


With Henry VIII, as with all his contemporaries and descendants, religion has always been just business. If his divorce from Catherine of Aragon had been invalid, Henry's marriage with Anna Boleyn would have been the same, and accordingly Elizabeth, the "great queen", would never have been able to ascend the throne. Thus the English tenet to use religion as a pretext and hypocritical camouflage even for the darkest political affairs, can be tracked to this day.


Churchill and Halifax, with the Bible in their hands and the creed in their mouths that Bolshevism was nothing but a kind of modernized original Christianity look worthy alongside the then-Prime Minister Baldwin, who in a speech to business leaders of the Empire on August 13, 1932 at the Canadian Club in Ottawa made the memorable statement that the ultimate goal was "the spiritual-moral unity of the whole British Empire." "The ultimate goal [cut off] people of Christian faith and Christian love looks like the newspaper of the English Church "Church of England" outlined a few weeks ago:


Church of the murderers


"It is a perverted view of Christendom to assume that civilians can not be killed if one agrees that soldiers have to be killed. We cannot sympathize with the movement to stop air strikes on cities for the reason that civilians get killed in those. When nations resort to war, it is inevitable that they will make the most of all technical accomplishments, which means that civilians, in the dubious privilege of being killed, are equal to soldiers. We are all the same for the bomber. The bombs do not make any difference between men, women and children ... "


One cannot round off this picture of the "Defenders of God" more aptly than with the recent statement of the Bishop of Chelmford: "The love of truth has completely disappeared from English consciousness, and the mendacity has increased in the same measure. The decline of morality is extraordinary and finds no example in history!"



Dr. Kurt Bode.

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Thank you for efforts on this, that is absolutely fascinating. Yes, it is propaganda, and pretty third rate at that, but its invaluable to learn what was accepted though at the time. Of course, what people made of it is another matter.


Ill have to print this out, thanks for the effort once again.


In similar vein, there is a collection of the Luftwaffe magazine 'Der Adler' on archive.org. I dont read German, but the propaganda comes through pretty clearly in the photos.


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Yeah, while going through that blond train dispatcher fantasy with lots of exclamation marks, I thought there was probably a reason the author got sent to the front rather than landing a job in Goebbels' propaganda ministry. :D


Now that I have tested that fracture type OCR, I might throw out additional headlines for selection of possibly interesting articles to translate and post.

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Yeah, while going through that blond train dispatcher fantasy with lots of exclamation marks, I thought there was probably a reason the author got sent to the front rather than landing a job in Goebbels' propaganda ministry. :D


Now that I have tested that fracture type OCR, I might throw out additional headlines for selection of possibly interesting articles to translate and post.


Maybe the exclamation mark on his typewriter just needed oiling? :)


Im trying to think what our propaganda was like. I think it was not that dissimilar in style, except perhaps more humour, and even more distraction by human interest stories unconnected to the war. For example I remember in a reprint on the VE day edition of the Daily Express (or it might have been The Times, I cant remember), there was a story on a man who built a house in 24 hours, and moved in. Remarkably it wasnt even a prefab. I cant imagine it stayed up very long.....


There was also a number of small booklets produced by the ministry of information. There was 2 I have, one on the Ark Royal, and another on Transport under War conditions. They can be quite interesting to get hold of.



Yeah, more please, its an interesting contrast.

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Did they really write "defensor dei"? It should be Defensor Fidei.


I think I could have found the writer of that curious rant.


Wonder what the good judge would have written about Martin Luther and the Peasant's War: https://www.dokumentarfilm.com/en/luther-and-the-peasants-war/

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From the ideological zeal the Wiki entry conveys, that just might be the guy writing a syndicated column, though the name is not really rare and I would have expected a historian rather than a lawyer. Then again, the content is par for that course. And yes, he did write "defensor dei".


Anybody interested in further topics, please refer to the thematic outline in my original post.

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No problem, in the absence of specific wishes I was going to list headlines from articles about Allied politics and domestic conditions as the closest related field to the previous one anyway. Just not before tomorrow, because I'm having my official birthday party this evening. ;)

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Tug Of War Over Australia

Quarrel between London and Washington / Melbourne tends towards USA


(Report on Australia drifting out of the British Empire, 36 lines)


Unrest Among the Small States

Secret block forming against Roosevelt's imperialist plans


(Report on American post-war plans, ca. 80 lines)


Some short blurbs on international news:


Free India Declares War On England And North America

National Army on its way to the front

Tokyo, 26 October


The "Free India" government has, as Domei reports from Shonan, decided under the presidency of Subhas Chandra Bose to declare war on the USA. and Great Britain. - In an interview Subhas Chandra Bose stated according to Domei that the Indian National Army was already on its way to the front. The troops were showing a high moral.


Reported in short

Congratulations of the Führer to King Michael. The Führer has transmitted his congratulations to His Majesty, the King of Romania for his birthday on 25 October in a telegram held in cordial words.


Fifth regular session of the Sobranje. By an edict of the regent, the 25th common Sobranje will be called to its fifth regular session on 28 October. [i take it this is Bulgaria.]


Vehement protest rallies against the Anglo-Americans occurred in Southern Italy. In Brindisi and other cities, Anglo-American troops fired with machineguns on street protesters, who suffered many dead and wounded.


British court martial hands down death verdicts against 32 Italians. On charges of "having endangered" a troop transport, a group of 32 inhabitants of Calabria, among them several women, have been sentenced to death by a British court martial.


Jews and freemasons restored to office in Algiers. The commissioner for education and public health has stated in the press that one of the first measures of its commissionership was to return the Jewish and freemasonic officials to their old positions.


Bread stamps in Portugal. This week the distribution of bread stamps begins in Portugal. It has not yet been confirmed how high the amount of bread appertaining to every inhabitant will be.


Cholera in Karachi. Cholera linked to the increase of famine has now broken out in Karachi, too. British censorship is suppressing all reports about the extent of the epidemy.


Reported in Short


Inspector general for fire protection police and the fire brigades. The Reichsführer SS and Reich minister of the interior has appointed Police Major General Rumpf as inspector general for firefighting affairs in city and country. Major General Rumpf was commander of the first mobile fire protection police regiment.


Attempt on the life of the Soviet envoy in Algiers. An attempt has been made on the life of the Soviet envoy with the dissident committee in North Africa. While Bogomolov was visiting the Soviet exhibition in Algiers, an infernal machine was discovered which was close to explosion. All visitors of the exhibition were searched and some suspects arrested. [i'm sure those were the usual suspects.]


"Normandie", the well-known French giant steamer, has now been handed over to the American fleet by the salvage company.


The mandate of the current English parliament has been extended by another year. Morrison stated new elections to be very adverse to the prosecution of the war.


A Jewish conference in London has called upon all Jews to contribute to the war effort against Germany to the greatest possible extent.


Recognition Of "Free India" Government By Germany

Berlin, 29 October

The leader of the Indian freedom movement, Subhas Chandra Bose, has announced to the Reich government that a provisional "Free India" government has been formed under his leadership.


The Reich Minister of Foreign Affairs Ribbentrop has stated recognition on behalf of the Reich government in a telegram, and at the same time therein expressed the sincere wishes of the Reich government and the German people for a lucky future to the provisional "Free India" government.


Hate Target Of the British Clergy

"Deliver Prussia to the Bolsheviks for three months"

Stockholm, 29 October

The London correspondent of the "Gothenburg Trade and Shipping Paper" cites the sentence of the former chief vicar of Great Yarmouth, 64-year-old chaplain Grudy, which lets you see which abysmal thoughts of hate defying any humanity are hiding behind the mask of those "soul shepherds". According to Grudy's utterance there is only one means to the extermination of the German people: to allow the Russians to have Prussia occupied for threee months." Grudy opines: "That should suffice."


Muster Of All Expatriate Americans

hw Stockholm, 29 October

Roosevelt has issued a decree by which all USA citizens between 18 and 45 years residing abroad are to be mustered for military service at their missions or consulates immediately. The House of Representatives agreed to a draft law on Tuesday which initially demands the induction of all childless married men before that of family fathers. Due to the problems which the induction of family fathers is meeting, Roosevelt finds himself forced to expeditiously reach for countermeasures in the face of the growing demand by armed forces and industry.


USA State Bureaucracy In Giant Circulation

Three million deferred getting Roosevelt's protection

By our Berlin editorship


(As noted in my original post, ca. 60 lines)


Plutocratic Misspeculation

Wallace prophetizes 10 million unemployed after the war


(VPOTUS warning of post-war economic downturn if US cannot increase pre-war civilian production, ca. 75 lines)


"Broadening Of USA Robbery Policy"

USA senators demand faster and further-ranging action


(More on American imperialism, ca. 30 lines)


Convoy Battle Unsettles England

London's worries / No casualty list so far


(Self-explaining, ca. 40 lines)


The True Conditions In England

Report by interned returned from the British island


(Claims about low morale and friction between locals and US troops based in the UK, ca. 95 lines)


Nuri Said Compels New Constitution

Emir Abdullah becomes pretender to throne of Iraq


(Political situation in Iraq following the elections of 4 October, ca. 85 lines)


England Also Fearing Chaotic Work Conditions

hw. Stockholm, 30 October

In England, too, fears are growing - similar as in the USA - of a development of unemployment. They are even increasingly encroaching onto conservative circles and have caused a group of younger members of parliament there to treat the question of a possibility of countermeasures through certain social reforms and measures of economic control. One of them, the MP Hoog, just stated in an article "Control Or Chaos" in the London "Star": England's basic error after the previous world war had been in quickly tearing down the social machinery built up in the war. The results had been a big series of disasters due to unemployment, hectic high and low economies, want in many industrial areas, and finally a new war. England had to get free of that. "A state in the 20th century inevitably demands a certain measure of control. The alternative is chaos."


I left out reports pertaining clearly to the Mediterranean and Pacific theaters of war for size reasons, since these are distinct topical fields of their own.

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Prussia was going to spend way more time under Soviet rule...


Reads out a bit like something out of an environmentalist magazine published 30 years ago.

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As I said before, there is a certain timeless quality to the propaganda. At times it reads like East Germany's "Neues Deutschland", at times like today's "Spiegel", at times like Breitbart. :D

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That was the 1933 slogan. By 1943 it was "Keep Großdeutschland Great (or there will be Hell to pay)". :D


I think I'll translate the articles on "true conditions in England" and the bloated Roosevelt administration, because it immediately strikes you that if they were done today, they would be YouTube clips. Anything else? It's probably better to make block scans, because I believe there is a limit to free uploads on that OCR site.

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