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Italian Neo-Nazi Group Somehow Got Hold Of A Matra Super 530 F Aam

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The writing on the transport case is cropped from that image. Another I have seen courtesy of Facebook, shows that the case is stencilled thusly:


"Contract Dated 16th October 80

State of Qatar"


Note that "Contract Dated blah-blah" has been interpreted to mean that this is the manufacturing date. I don't think so - I think it's more likely to be a contract signature date. The missiles were produced between 1980 and 1985 (according to the French wikipedia page, which is much more comprehensive than the English one).


Anyway, well past its best, and I'd be pondering the wisdom of bouncing it around in the back of a police wagon as the detonators/igniters might well be a bit touchy by now.

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Not to mention the obligatory trophy shot where they have to decant it from the shipping case.

What's the worst that could happen?


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Acquaintance (former EOD) has demilled (explosives from warhead removed), but otherwise complete AGM-88 in his yard. It was one of the pair that were pulled practically intact (except engine burned out) from a swamp during 1999. Also ALARM, complete with a chute, but that one is in a much rougher shape. Plus assorted parts of probably every AD missile used.

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Im sure I recall reading of someone owning a complete (minus warhead and engine) Aim9B, which would be quite a find. On the TV Show Pawnstars, someone walked into the shop trying to sell the IR lens from a Sidewinder missile.


So many nice toys, if I had the room....

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I have one of the radar sets from a Hawk Gen 2 system in my back yard. No transmitter tube and it's far from operational...but....

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