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Swedish Police Seeking New Handgun

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While the G17 or Sig 320 makes sense, political and favouritism will rear it's head.


All the pistols in the list are going to be adequate for the job. I personally like the Steyr M9, because it fits my hand better than the Glock does. Also low bore axis really makes it shoot more comfortabel than the glock.


I hope it is Sauer & Sohn from germany that submitted the P320, SIG-Sauer USA has a spotty quality record as of late.

Interesting that CZ UB has submitted several different models.



Or you know, they could just overhaul their P226. Not much wrong wiht these and I doubt every swedish police officer is going to get issued an Aimpoint ACRO. As colin has said already, it will depend on the whole package deal and political machinations.

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What handgun is currently in use with the Swedish military?


Since 1988, we have used the Glock 17 and Glock 19.



Relatively early adopters thereof.

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Whatever pistol is chosen it will need to be lighter that the Sig Sauer currently used. That is one of the complaints of the gun. I doubt that it will be the Glock17 since they earlier had a demand of a separate safety plus I think there was a demand that it should be able to decock it (I don't think you can do that on the Glock, right?)



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