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"surprising" Omissions In National Armo(U)Ries

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Is it that the Swedish Army doesn't want it or that the government doesn't want to pay to reinstate it?


Well. If the army had them, they would still use them,

but if they have to get new ATGM's, they seem to prefer a new 3rd generation system like the Eurospike, MMP or Javelin.


Not that they have the money to get a new missile system anyway.



Not sure about Javelin - the lack of fire and update and the single mode sensor are quite limiting compared to the latest Spikes and MMP. Norway are already looking to replace theirs and France only purchased Javelin as a stop-gap.



Yes the MMP and Spike are clearly the better weapons. Especially in a country as forested as Sweden and with so few roads and so many waterways, light infantry/jägers, would be quite able to launch missiles outside of LOS, with forward observers, hand held UAV.s, or good old accustic observation against road intersections, bridges, where the enemy is suspected to be. That said, Spike might be impossible for political reasons and MMP is french, and that doesn't help either.

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i somehow doubt that given the price and quantity availible of modern NLOS ATGM anybody will launch them to ´´suspected enemy areas´´, update after launch or not. in any bit lenghtier conflict with anyone over the level of ISIS-pick-up-convoy , anyway.

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