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I was TDY there back in 2015 working a fraud case. Visited the local museums and got to look at the beach area and where the fighting had taken place. I know we invested a huge amount of money once we took it back but why knowing its position in the Pacific, did we not invest or prepare it for the coming conflict? We put a Defense Battalion and a squadron of Fighters on Wake Island with far less utility but the Navy did not commit the investment in the infrastructure in a Asset worth far more.

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IIRC, it was part of the naval treaties. US got higher tonnage and ship numbers than Japan so a minimum requirement by the Japanese negotiators for accepting the ship numbers and tonnage was for the US to not highly fortified the forward areas. Of course afterwards, some in Japan really disapproved the numbers agreed on.

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Washington Naval Treaty. After it lapsed, it was far easier for the Japanese to fortify their Marianas and Carolines protectorates than for the USN to develop Guam in midst of the same.




Pacific bases[edit]

Article XIX of the Treaty also prohibited Britain, Japan, and the United States from constructing any new fortifications or naval bases in the Pacific Ocean region. Existing fortifications in Singapore, the Philippines, and Hawaii could remain. That was a significant victory for Japan, as newly fortified British or American bases would be a serious problem for the Japanese in the event of any future war. That provision of the treaty essentially guaranteed that Japan would be the dominant power in the Western Pacific Ocean and was crucial in gaining Japanese acceptance of the limits on capital ship construction.[17]


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