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Steel Beasts Pro P E, Version 4.1

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International Priority or something. The hold-up with shipments to the UK, trust me on that, is customs clearance. The parcel has been sitting at their location for a week now, probably, and might sit there for another four or five days.


Everyhing was delivered by last Friday to the local US Postal office some place in Texas. Add a day for local processing before it reaches the airport. Add half a day to fly to the one international freight hub that connects to the UK ... say, Chicago or Atlanta. Then it's sitting there for half a day. Then it's flying for another half day to London (up to this point I'm working from experience with tracking info from past cases) where it probably (from here on it's speculation) arrived on Monday morning, 05:00 or so. Since about Monday 12:00 it's been in the hands of customs. They seem to work with a backlog of about 10...15 days which suggests that it might get released in time for delivery by next weekend.

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I haven't done the uninstall and upload yet because I know I'll disappear into SB for weeks. Sadly I bought CMANO and never installed it for the same reason. (remembering workday evenings up until 4 am playing Harpoon 1)

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Good choice. Patch 4.158 will be made available Thursday, so you can go straight for that one, then.


I can feel my powers of resistance waning. I watched a really good documentary about the early SAS in the N. African desert tonight and kept thinking how I could use routing, waypoints and some of the new softskins you've modelled to simulate a vehicular airfield attack. I hope you eventually get around to creating some fixed wing aircraft, purely as set dressing/targets, but Mi-8/17 can stand in for the moment.

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I have played a few test scenarios in 4.1 and, to be honest, I'm having trouble articulating how impressed and delighted I am. 4.0 was great, but the damage model in particular sometimes led to some strange outcomes. Not so in 4.1. The damage model, tracing the path and effect of each and every fragment that connects with any unit, is a wonder to behold. The sim is also much more atmospheric - dust, smoke (especially artillery delivered) and tracers are just so much better now. The new "bumpy" terrain, together with a bewildering array of new plants from light ground cover up to and including weird African trees, make for greatly increased realism and new and equally realistic tactical options. Incoming tracer makes me want to duck! The new vehicles are beautiful things to behold. I never thought of an 8x8 truck with an ISO container on the back as a thing of beauty before. You could spend an afternoon just getting to grips with any of many remote weapon stations now represented in the game. I had fun putting different weapons on an MB3000, choosing the optical sights and ammunition natures for them. A LOT of work must have gone into the ammunition research alone. Lots of little tweaks have been made to the game - for example the ability to "nudge" a support weapon if your infantry set it up with a poor line of sight. Infantry in general appear much more willing to engage enemy armour than before. I really only scratched the surface of 4.0 and mostly just made my own little scenarios to blow the shit out of stuff. Both 4.0 and 4.1 are capable of so much more - some militaries use it for exercises up to Brigade/Battlegroup/RCT level. I have no financial connection to ESimgames or to Nils so I'm as unbiased as it gets. If you have any interest in modern ground warfare, from counterinsurgency right up to peer-peer level conflict by first world nations, Steel Beasts is the simulation for you.

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One of the hallmarks of a truly excellent simulation is getting unexpected outcomes that actually make sense when you analyse them. A case in point. Believe it or not, SB now simulates sabot petals. Yesterday, I had a Leo2A7 engaging a T80U from very close range knock out a second T80U with a sabot petal hit in a vulnerable area, almost perpendicular to the armour. That possibility had never occurred to me.

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1.5 kilogram of aluminum, close to muzzle velocity ... yep. A very rare occurrence to be sure, mostly a threat to own troops, will only happen if human crews are responsible for weapon employment (human gunner and/or commander). Otherwise we still have them flying, but just as a visual effect.

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While not exactly a "Pro PE" or "version 4.1" thing, I thought this might be of mild interest to TankNetters in general.


The Spanish Army is currently conducting a Division level exercise "Toro 19" with three brigades involved (and about 5,000 soldiers actively participating).
Virtual and constructive exercise support by Steel Beasts:
(Links in Spanish, sorry):
I was told that the Spanish Army is conducting a BDE level CAX four times a year, BN level command post exercises monthly, and company scale exercises every week, with SB Pro for the LOCON operators (or the crew stations, depending on the exercise level). Currently running are a tender for four years of simulation support with SB Pro, and for the upgrade of Leopard 2 turret trainers. Next up, platoon simulator cabins for the IFV Pizarro, then for the Piranha V fleet. Looks like they'll keep us rather busy.
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Snake. I looked at the Esim page. I never owned Steel beasts. I am confused on what version to buy. I don't need old versions ( I think). Some help please.

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I'm currently travelling (well, technically it's four in the morning and I am jet-lagged), so please excuse the delayed response.


You want version 4.1;

  • The web shop only sells "classic" licenses for version 4.1, none of the older
  • Time-based licenses are valid for all versions from 3.0 up to 4.1
  • The Downloads page lists the latest version first, older further below; this is just support for people who still own an old license and who don't want to upgrade, but still need to reinstall the Steel Beasts version for which they have the license

On the Downloads page you'll find the Release Notes with step-by-step instructions for installation and license activation. I recommend studying at least the first three or four pages while you download the installation files.


After purchase of a license you will get TWO emails, the order confirmation, and a "license ticket". After installing SB Pro PE (see Release Notes) the license ticket can be activated (in a nutshell: Click the link that's in it, then click the "Activate" button on the page where it leads to, don't use MS Edge as a browser).


As far as deciding which license to order,

  • All time-based licenses expire after a while (but you never pay upgrade fees if a new version comes out)
  • They can't be used inside a virtual machine
  • They bind the license to the computer on which they were activated
  • They are ideal for people short on free USB slots, and travellers with notebooks
  • They become invalid if you have to reinstall Windows, and we can't fully replace such lost licenses in every case (exceptions and special offers still apply)
  • A one-month time based license costs the least ($9.50), and is useful to try it out; a one-year license is most cost-efficient


  • Classic licenses on the other hand are stored in a CodeMeter USB stick
  • They offer the ultimate degree of flexibility (CAN be used with virtual machines, can be used on different machines, can hold multiple licenses for multiple PCs in a LAN, license storage is completely independent from your PC, or its operating system)
  • They never expire (but they require that you pay for future upgrades)
  • A classic license comes with a free one-month complimentary license that you can use while the CM stick is still in the mail
  • After approximately five to seven years of continuous use, classic licenses are the cheapest option even with paying for upgrades ... provided that you never lose the CodeMeter stick


I hope this helps.

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Yes that was helpful. Is there a manual on game play? I have to admit that I am somewhat intimidated by Steel beasts. I imagine that with a technical and realistic game it is very complex. Can a average (or below - Less than 47% win rate) WOT player handle Steel beasts? I am presuming that most major tanks are available. Favorites for modern-ish are Cent, Conquerer, Chieftain, Challengers 1 + 2, Abrams (All flavors), M-60, Leopards (All flavors), and Leclerc.


Almost forgot. Can I play with other people? My brother and I play WOT together. Thanks.

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Yes, you can handle it. Work through the training sessions and do some work on the tank range.


For more information on a particular vehicle there is the "Steel Beasts Wiki" at the Steel Beasts forum.


You could always join a VU or a multiplayer session, most of which are very open to having new players join.

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