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"smartwatches" Iwatch, Etc?

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They are, in essence, remote outlets and input devices for their smartphones. Like, you receive an email or a tweet from your favorite celebrity and you get a notification on your watch. Or you're navigating a foreign city with Google maps, and you get the directions shown on the watch. So, rather than having their faces glued to the smartphone, they'll have it glued to the watch. ;)


Plus, they usually also have sports functions such as a heartbeat sensor, so that you can share all your medical data with big, faceless corporations which, I'm sure, will take good care of them.


I may be a tad prejudiced, though. And I have to admit, I can see some of the benefits that they offer. If you're willing to expose all of your private life to Google or Apple, I suppose denuding yourself a bit more only makes a gradual difference.

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