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21 hours ago, Daan said:

Unfortunately getting a tad bored with Cyberpunk, I tried my hand at case I carrier landings with the F-14B yesterday, no straight-in approach but the neat landing pattern. Ooph, I am utterly crap at that. I find it really hard to get the plane on speed AoA when coming out of the crosswind lag, all the while preventing a nose and altitude drop.

I am in awe of this guy's skill:


You didn't press the correct button:


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Good video, great story.

Having watched more instructional videos, I think I should add a little more gas and already start trimming during the crosswind leg.

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Setup the autopilot and use that whilst getting the gear and flaps down. Autopilot has an autotrim mode. If you drop the throttle back, by the time you got all those down you are approaching 150 knots, and you can then put autothrottle on.

I made sure I put the dlc on an axis, for example, the is the side axis on the throttle control. Makes it easier to control than just on or off you get from the joystick.

Have fun. This is far easier than middair refuelling, which I still struggle with....

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Just tried it again, now with the F/A-18C (better HUD) and closely copying Matt Wagner's steps in his Supercarrier Case I video. I came in too low on the base leg, but managed to snag the no. 3 wire. 😄

AA refueling, tried that a long time ago with the Mirage, very frustrating experience. However, I intend to learn it, eventually.


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Getting better on my traps, although most are still graded as B or C, being often positioned too much to the left of the glidescope.

Apparently, a 3rd party developer is going to construct a IADS system for DCS, part to be incorporated in the core game and part as a DLC:



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