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Nah, Jerry version innit. :D


Ive not played a decent Typhoon sim since EF2000 came out about 20 years ago. Now if they could just create the dynamic campaign that version had, I would be a very delighted bunny indeed. But Ill take what I can get. :)

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Yeah, the German version without the IRST. Nonetheless a really complex aircraft and a daunting task for this new team. I wonder whether they possess the skills and willpower to pull it off.


In multiplayer the Eurofighter Typhoon will be quite OP if an incarnation / interpretation of the MBDA Meteor is included in the module.

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The community manager of the new module maker said:


What Tranche/Nationality can we expect?
We are in constant communication with the “NETMA” and our licensor “Eurofighter Jagdflugzeug GmbH” in order to bring you the most current version of the Eurofighter possible, without violating classified information.
As you might already have guessed from the published pictures and our company’s German background, we will create a German version of the Eurofighter Typhoon to start out. This version will only make the introduction to DCS as we will continue to bring more and more nationalities and capabilities to you over time.


Will the Eurofighter Typhoon include HMD, A/G, Iris-T, Meteor, Pirate, DVI?
We are working hard to include all capabilities of all different Typhoon nations. However, please keep in mind that there is a limit to what we can display with only using publicly available data.



Vague. Although a Typhoon with just AMRAAMs and some IR missile would already be interesting enough.


Then there is this bit on Hoggit when someone asked whether this would be the 'big module' (from ED) and ED's community manager answered:



No the eagerly awaited aircraft from ED will be announced later in the year. thanks


So what would that be? A full F-15C module would be great, as would a full fidelity Russian aircraft.

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Oh well, you can have good WW2 dogfights in DCS of course. I have never denied that. Plus, the cockpit allows one to indulge in the insatiable urge to play with knobs at the same time. ^_^


I haven't been to refind my propeller vibe just yet. Slowly learning the F/A-18 and F-14 radar and datalink systems at the same time and testing my knowledge in MP serves. It is hard to keep a good SA, but others seem to be suffering from that skill deficiency as well. :)

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Early WIP screenshots, it will probably take a while before this one comes out.


The Sea Harrier would be nice on the Cold War server.

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Incidentally, Ive just put this up. Which might make air to ground operations over Normandy a bit hairier.



Should be mostly realistic equipment and locations, at least as far as we can get with the lack of 37mm and SP 20mm. Its a bit sticky over Le Havre and Cherbourg now.

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