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Its often forgotten the Australians made a vital contribution to the Korean war as part of the Commonwealth Division.


Half of those Australians were English troops offered the chance of immigration for serving in the Australian Army.



Wouldn't there also have been a large amount of English born who fought as ANZACs at Gallipolli?



Yes, and I am also aware of at least one American born who signed up in Australia in 1916 and who didn't make it home.


Hamilton, Cleveland Starr

Pvte 1421/2 Batt 18 Oct 16


Born: Los Angeles USA

Date of death: 18 October 1916

Place of death: France

Cause of death: Accidental (Injuries)

Age at death: 28

Place of association: Chatswood, Australia

Cemetery or memorial details: Longuenesse (St Omer) Souvenir Cemetery, Longuenesse, Nord Pas de Calais, France

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Where did the L2A1 fit into the ToE? As an aside, I found this interesting.


AFAIK not used as a squad LMG/SAW.

IIRC they went from Bren to M60, than MAG in '80s, than Minimi in '90s as a section LMG. i am sure Doug and Coldsteel can expand on that.



That sounds about right, except I think that the M60 also replaced the Vickers.

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