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Bone-Conductive Headphones?

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I use Aftershoks for running. I bought them on a whim at the expo for the half marathon in Australia. Bought their first model for $75 AUD (50 Euros) on clearance and ran with them the next day. I haven't used another set of headphones for working out or running since apart from when I sent them back for a warranty repair and they sent me the newer model for free. Nice sound and you can hear your surroundings which is great.



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I have good overears, but way too bulky when out. Inears with cord makes sound from cord when moving.

I think I will try these.




The ones I have aren't too bulky, and the Air is about as tiny as you can get. I tried them on at the local running shop, and while I liked them, they weren't too much better than the ones I have in terms of weight. They'll be my next pair though.

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Ok, got to try bone-conducter, and while interesting, it was not at all what I was looking for.

I realized that when listening to music and stuff, I do not want other input (through the ears). Ended up with JBL Reflect mini 2 bt instead. Not awesomely good sound, but good enough for me, and excellent fit.


I can understand that if you are running, and need good awareness, bone conducters are good. But not for me atm.

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