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Hello all,

After a long hiatus, I have updated my BAOR ORBAT, I have added a section on British MBTs that may be of interest here and updated the locations of TA units in peacetime (thanks to my co-author Phil).
I have been contacted by the British Forces Germany Legacy Project which is producing a book,
My work may be used as a "moment in time" in the book/project, I will let you know more as I get the information.
Also at least one board game is using my research with the coming release of the updated "NATO: The Next War in Europe". I am thinking of dropping an email to Strategy & Tactics Magazine as I believe they are going to re-release their Central Front Series.


If anyone here can add anything or correct any errors it would be appreciated.

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Really great work Louie, thanks for sharing.


I was tempted to have a go at doing one for the Warsaw Pact, but I think I value what is left of sanity. :)




I have notes on UKMF, AMF (L) and UKLF but nothing like BAOR. I have hit a wall with MOD in regards, I still have several FOI requests out that they have not responded to. UKMF seem to be in the NA, I found ONE entry from the late 1980's and they wanted over 100 quid to copy and send me the (Commander's Diary UKMF 1989) document ! Some of the UKLF stuff such as KP's, MOD is saying that as some of them are exant that its still restricted. But you can't always trust them, I had a FOI for the Master ORBAT, they gave me it in full. One of my co-authors asked for it too they published the whole thing except for the Intelligence Corps and SAS sections (which they sent me !!!!). Trust me I didn't see anything in there that was not out in the public domain.........plus its nearly 30 years old !!!!



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Its been a LONG while since I looked but I found a few documents on NA (they were priced a few quid each) on evacuation of dependents, the deployment of what were ostensibly training units to Germany, and even the recall of the Chieftain tanks in Canada to Germany. Which I guess illustrates quite how many they intended to get through.....


MOD are wierd. I once bought a British Army manual that among other things had an orbat of 22 SAS in it. I found it in a second hand book shop in Evesham, and it was barely 10 years old. Sometimes i think they are so chaotic, they dont know what they have, so they cant figure out whether to declassify it or not. Which seems to be the same for NATO documents from what I hear.

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