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Spanish Coastal Artillery Batteries

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After hiking to one of the batteries near Cartagena, I am wondering if there is some literature on those batteries - preferably in English.



Plenty of, but not in English, I fear




This gives you locations and such: http://www.condedegazola.com/patrimonio-artillero/la-artilleria-de-costa/


There's a museum in Majorca: http://www.ejercito.mde.es/unidades/Madrid/ihycm/mapa-centros/mallorca-imagenes-museo.html


Minorca has a 38cm gun that is about as complete as can be expected

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The batteries So. of the entrance to Cartagena: 2 x 15 in, 4 x 6 in Vickers, all installed in the 1930s.


joaAvX.jpgCartagena entrance [a narrows] in distance

15 - inch Vickers

0vjHSI.jpgAmmo display in Cartagena Museum of Artillery.They also have a running StuG IIIG


Recognition silhouettes in the 15 in local control rooms; the enemy of 1939-45?


6- inch Vickers







The official history is recent:


Historia de la Artillería de Costa Española. Madrid: Ministerio de Defensa, 2014

(Paperback, 25 euros)

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